Weathering Auction Market Fluctuations: How to Anticipate Changes in Heavy Equipment Values

Construction equipment on hill with workers talking

In a recent EquipmentWorld article by Jordanne Waldschmidt, it was reported that auction prices for used units are trending downward, as more construction equipment and truck inventory are now available on dealer lots.1 With uncertainties looming, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate changes to maximize returns and minimize risks. Trends Impacting Auction Prices “Pandemic-related […]

Making Profitability Certain in a Year of Uncertainty

Sales manager giving advice application form document, considering mortgage loan offer for car insurance

“Most insureds, regardless of industry or vehicle class, should anticipate ongoing premium increases in 2024,” states CBIZ in their Commercial Auto Insurance Market Outlook for 2024.1 In the realm of insurance, precision is paramount. Yet, underwriters face a myriad of challenges that hinder their ability to integrate comprehensive data into their processes effectively. From the […]

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Actionable Data

actionable key on keyboard

Do you struggle with the overwhelming amount of data available to you? Imagine having the power to make sense of vast datasets, understand market dynamics, and identify growth opportunities effortlessly. That’s where EDA Data and EDA Analytics Plus come into play.  EDA Analytics Plus is the key that unlocks the treasure trove of data you […]

Avoiding Lot Rot

Lot Rot

It’s hard to find something ag dealers fear more than “lot rot”. You’ll also never find a finance manager who’s comfortable watching used inventory depreciate month after month all while the selling season is ticking away. No dealer wants to be caught in a situation of cutting losses by sending equipment to auction. Not only […]

Fighting Truck Depreciation: Getting Used Equipment Off Your Lot

Truckers talking in lot

As you might already know, build rates and new equipment sales for tractor trucks are down, and they’re predicted to stay that way for most of 2024. The freight industry has slowed and carriers have stopped making large order commitments. If you’re a heavy truck dealer, that can put a strain on your business. But […]

Are You Losing Customers Due to Unclear Loyalty? It’s Time to Redefine Brand Affinity!

Semi truck salesperson showing trucks to a customer at the dealership

In the fiercely competitive world of trucking dealerships, understanding your customers’ brand preferences is key to success. Unclear customer loyalty can lead to missed opportunities, but with RigDigBI’s violation data in our Truck History Reports, you can redefine brand affinity and target loyal and potential customers effectively. The Challenge of Customer Loyalty In a market […]

Is Your Dealership Growth Stagnating? Discover the Secret to Revitalizing It!

Change or Stagnation written with color chalk concept

In the competitive world of trucking dealerships, stagnant growth can be more than a real headache, it could mean real trouble. You might be wondering why your dealership isn’t experiencing the success it’s capable of. The answer lies in uncovering hidden opportunities, and that’s where RigDigBI by Fusable and our company’s Digital Marketing services come […]

4 of the Best Trucking Aftermarket Sales and Marketing Strategies

two men shaking hands with a long-haul truck in the background

So you’re in the trucking aftermarket, but you’re not Peterbilt. Or any other big brand name OEM. Then you know how hard it can be to compete with them. Customers constantly compare you to them and you find yourself explaining how you are different, or maybe convincing them you’re the same! 

Is Your Sales and Marketing Prepared for the Rise of AI?

Businessman touching the brain working of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation

As AI and machine learning continues to develop, its influence and effects continue to spread to almost every major industry, including those in the heavy equipment sector, such as trucking, agriculture, and construction. In fact, AI expenditures in the transportation market specifically are said to reach $3.87 billion by 2026. That’s why it’s important to understand how these technologies might affect the industry you operate in and the best way to shape your sales and marketing strategies around them.