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Unlock the power of precision in underwriting:

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No more underwriting, underpricing, or frustration.

Elevate loan portfolios and streamline underwriting with precision. Safeguard against unforeseen losses and enhance profitability through data-driven insights.

Insurance data verification

Actionable Data

Master the Art of Financial Precision

Insurance Companies

Assess the values of vehicles, vessels, and equipment accurately, enabling them to tailor insurance coverage and risk mitigation strategies effectively.


Leverage data-driven insights to make precise and informed decisions when evaluating insurance applications, reducing the risk of underpricing or overpricing policies.

Claims Adjusters

Determining accurate valuations for damaged vehicles and equipment, facilitating faster and more equitable claims settlements.

Insurance Brokers

Provide your clients with more accurate insurance quotes and coverage options, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Equipment Leasing Companies

Leverage data to anticipate and align with buyers’ finance and lease cycles, optimizing their offerings and ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

Asset Management Firms

Are you seeking to make data-driven investment decisions in the heavy equipment finance sector? Our data coverage, asset values, and portfolio management insights has you covered.


Our Products

CAB Central Analysis Bureau logo

CAB’s proprietary system for rating, tracking and analyzing motor carrier’s financial and safety strength has helped both insurance carriers and fleet management build stronger, more profitable operations.

  • 80+ years of industry experience
  • Safeguard your business
  • Boost efficiency and profitability
Price Digests logo

Make precise data-driven underwriting, lending, and valuation decisions, with a 99.45% VIN return rate for model years 1981 to the present. Boost profitability and credibility in challenging sectors.

  • Century-long data mastery
  • Comprehensive data
  • Empowering better decisions

Marketing Solutions

Utilize our custom marketing services to target your audience in a data-driven, impactful manner.

  • Unlock niche insights
  • Locate prospects with precision marketing

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