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Get market data on ag equipment values and buyers:

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Fusable data takes insights and makes them actionable.

Whether you sell tractors and harvesters, service used ag equipment, or finance equipment buyers, we have the data to better understand the ag equipment market and help you anticipate buyer behavior. 

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Don't Be A Dinosaur. Use Data.


Find new buyers of your ag equipment aftermarket products and discover new prospects who might need your repair and maintenance services.


Equip your dealership and sales team with our growing list of ag equipment buyers that’s updated with crucial information, like brand swayability and likelihood to buy.


Navigate financial landscapes with precision. Use our data to mitigate risks and find new opportunities for ag equipment financing.


Maximize fleet efficiency and minimize downtime. Easily update valuations and edit equipment details at the push of a button.


Transform insurance underwriting with our unparalleled accuracy, enhancing profitability and trust in the ag equipment industry.


Elevate your OEM game, with data that empowers innovation and helps you outperform other ag equipment brands.


Our Products

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With EDA, you get access to our large database of ag equipment owners and buyers. Learn which buyers are likely to buy within the year, uncover new opportunities in your AOR, and see which prospects might be open to the brand you sell.

  • EDA’s data fuels strategic decisions
  • Find new buyers for your equipment
  • Uncover conquest sale opportunities
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Whether you’re a dealer, lender & insurer, or a manufacturer, IronSolutions has the data you need to appraise equipment with precision. We also have the tools to help you measure and manage the performance of your business.

  • Find solutions for your ag equipment needs
  • Organize your dealership and measure its success
  • Stop spending hours on comparable research

Marketing Solutions

Utilize our marketing services and custom data to hone in a target audience that perfectly suits your business. Discover new ways to engage with your customers.

  • Unlock Niche Insights
  • Build revenue
  • Empower your brand

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