CamoAg and Fusable announce Nationwide Equipment UCC Data Integration. Read more about the partnership in our press release.

Vital Data for
Vital Industries

Fusable is the ultimate data destination for companies pursuing growth in industrial markets.

You don't need more insights.

You need data that gives you the ability to take action with confidence.


Our platform delivers granularity and precision in aligning buyers and sellers in your markets.

Your Market

Understand buyer behaviors and leverage brand loyalty and buying cycles for your specific segments.


Proactively identify and address risk factors so you can prioritize risk areas to maximize growth.

What's in the data?

Fusable’s 100M industry entities, activities, and transactions reveal patterns and unveil opportunities in market trends and individual behaviors of OEMs, dealers, fleets, equipment, and buyers.

Fusable turns data into abilities specific to your industry.


What kinds of data do we provide?

Company &
Purchase Profiles

Search for prospects by activities, firmographics, equipment ownership and purchase history.


How is your market changing? See trends in brand loyalty and segment potential.


Get true valuations and risk profiles fully integrated with your existing systems.

& Pricing

Use powerful appraisal and value forecasting tools to increase profitability.

Technology + People =

Actionable Insights

We deliver unique data and insights that align the buyers and sellers who drive the economy. We understand that to know people better is to serve them better, and you can count on us to be modern where it matters, and traditional where it counts.


Who will use our data?


Identify prospects in your AOR by equipment types, age, and brands and by violations so you can proactively find customers before competitors do.


Leverage advanced digital marketing matched to buying cycles and use data to profile prospects to identify new opportunities.


Find and qualify new prospects based on buying cycles, prior lenders, and equipment values. Get accurate and tailored asset valuations.


Manage your assets from VIN to value while understanding rental rates. Leverage precise, adjustment-driven desktop fleet valuation.


Get access to millions of data points for VIN prefill, vehicle values, and specifications. Search the expansive database of motor carrier history.



Get accurate market share data by region, equipment type and buyer profile. Then maximize your dealer network with that data to outsell your competition.

Our industries are vital to the economy.

Our platform is vital to growth.

Based on our past, we are the future of vital industries, providing a unique data-driven growth platform to clients in transportation, construction, and agriculture and the financial services that support these industries.

You may also know Fusable from our award-winning brands.