Vital Industries

The industries we serve are vital to economic growth. We are embedded in the fabric of our markets, impacting your balance sheet, and enhancing the value of your assets & human capital.

Our clients sustain societies and economies.

We deliver the technology and tools to enable them.

The industries we serve comprise almost 30% of the country’s GDP. More than 4,400 companies use our platform across transportation, construction, supply chain logistics, agriculture industries and much more.

Companies across vital industries face shifting challenges and opportunities as they seek to grow and to manage the risks of supporting macro-markets and supply chains. Fusable drives measurable outcomes at scale in ways never before possible for our clients. We are the platform to improve sales, and risk management.

Identifying Challenges

Our platforms identify challenges before they become problems.


of information, talent, technical skills and expertise, working with supply chains


from quarter-to-quarter goals vs. limited resource pools, economic shifts


socio-political economic market and regulatory, demographics, vendors


whether they want it or not, it’s here, with more to come


dis-intermediation, assessing market value of assets and compensation


of information, data, and transactional volume increases and becomes harder to see

The next time you take a drive,

you'll realize Fusable is all around you.

When you’re out on the highway, you may not notice all the freight being moved. You may not notice the equipment being used to repair the roads and bridges that carry the freight. You may not notice the fields that feed nations slip past you or look up to see the cranes and steel taking our economy higher.

Vital Data for Vital Industries


Our platform provides insights on equipment ownership, brand preferences, purchase cycles and more. Built on our technologies, such as Iron Solutions, EDA, and Equipment Experts, and combined with our expertise in digital lead generation and our industry relationships, our platform is essential to competitive growth.


Relationships are key to growth, but identifying and engaging contractors, road builders, equipment owners and landscapers can be challenging. Our platform, built on proprietary EDA data and industry-leading brands, Equipment World and Total Landscape Care, enables clients to build relationships with the right buyers.


Historical data and full asset valuation gives lenders the insights needed to make the right investments at the optimal rate. EDA has more than 30 years of UCC-1 filing history showing equipment ownership and fleet size, while Iron Solutions and EquipmentWatch provide detailed valuation modeling with spec and comparables.


Underwrite with confidence. Manage risk to increase profitability. CAB or Central Analysis Bureau is the gold standard of risk data for motor carriers for more than 75 years. Price Digests, known for Trucking Blue Book, provides API access to comprehensive valuation data across multiple industries and equipment types.

Machine Tools

Fusable’s EDA provides unmatched insights into the machine tools market and machine tools buyers. Proven ownership with history means you can predict buying cycles to time your relationship building to capture new sales before your competitors. Search for detailed equipment types, firmographics, and finance history to find your next buyer.


Through our RigDig and CAB data platforms, as well as iconic brands such as CCJ and Overdrive, Randall Reilly has helped clients sell more, deepen relationships, and mitigate risk. Our platform puts you in front of fleet executives, owner-operators, truck dealers, parts suppliers, and distributors. Your link to the trucking ecosystem is here.