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Fusable data takes insights and makes them actionable.

Understand your market, outshine competitors, and anticipate buyer behavior. With our data, you’ll confidently predict buying cycles, accurately assess equipment values, and craft precise bids, all while minimizing risk.

Construction Equipment on a Construction Site


Unleash the Power of Data for Smarter Decisions


Gain the edge in the aftermarket with our data-backed insights, ensuring you always have the right products at the right time.


Equip your dealership with the industry’s most comprehensive data, supercharging your strategies and customer relationships.


Navigate financial landscapes with precision, using our data to mitigate risks and seize opportunities in the heavy equipment financing sector.


Maximize fleet efficiency and minimize downtime by harnessing our data-driven intelligence for optimized operations.


Transform insurance underwriting with our unparalleled accuracy, enhancing profitability and trust in the construction industry.


Elevate your OEM game, with our data empowering innovation and market dominance in the heavy equipment manufacturing realm.


Our Products

EDA logo

With EDA’s robust data, identify regional hotspots, competitor market shares, and growth trends, uncovering hidden opportunities in your area of responsibility.

  • EDA’s smart data fuels strategic decisions
  • Identify hotspots and market insights
  • Company specifics for informed actions
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Equip yourself with valuable tools for decisions related to purchase, valuation, operation, and equipment disposal, backed by over 60 years of industry expertise.

  • Trusted heavy equipment insights
  • Decisions made easier for valuation, operation, disposal
  • Home of cost recovery, the most accurate reimbursement rate data
Price Digests logo

Make precise data-driven underwriting, lending, and valuation decisions, with a 99.45% VIN return rate for model years 1981 to the present. Boost profitability and credibility in challenging sectors.

  • Century-Long Data Mastery
  • Comprehensive Data
  • Empowering Better Decisions

Marketing Solutions

Utilize our custom marketing services to elevate your brand and engage your target audience in a data-driven, impactful manner.

  • Unlock Niche Insights
  • Complete and Timely Insights
  • Empower Your Brand

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