What is RigDigBI And What Can it Do for Me?

People like to talk about “big data” a lot these days. But data that is just big doesn’t actually do anything. If you are a aftermarket parts and service distributor, a commercial truck dealership, a fleet or even an OEM you have probably been offered data products before.
The products look shiny and high-tech, they talk a lot about metrics and “big picture” numbers. But is that really something you can use to grow your business tomorrow? Probably not.
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What is RigDigBI?

RigDigBI is a tool designed to bring intelligent, actionable trucking industry data to anyone who wants to grow their business. How can data help your business grow? Well, that depends on what your business does.

Put simply, RigDigBI gives you an accurate picture of the trucking industry in your area, or industry segment.

For example:
A commercial truck dealership can do more than just find every fleet in their AOR that uses the make they sell. They can actually empower their sales and marketing teams with a detailed breakdown of the trucks that that fleet has on the road. This isn’t just the number of trucks. This includes their age, make, model, CSA violations and lots of other detailed information.
This is where the rubber meets the road (apologies). This information can allow that dealership to not only sell parts and service to the fleets that need them the most, but they can actually know how to target specific pain points for that fleet and send a salesperson to that location armed with the information they need to describe how their make of truck can solve that problem.
This is only one example. :

  • OEMs:

    Powerful insight into your target markets.

  • Aftermarket Parts/Service:

    Easily target prospects by violations, age of equipment and many other parameters.

  • Equipment Auctioneers:

    Track market activity, brand affinity and profile your ideal buyers and sellers.

If you have any questions at all about what intelligent, actionable trucking industry data can do for your business. Click below for a demo.
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