CamoAg and Fusable Announce New Partnership for Nationwide Equipment UCC Data Integration 

CamoAg and Fusable Partnership

Tuscaloosa, July 9, 2024 – CamoAg, a leading provider of agricultural data solutions, and Fusable, formerly Randall Reilly, announce a new partnership for nationwide data equipment UCC data integration. This collaboration integrates Fusable’s comprehensive nationwide equipment UCC data into the CamoAg platform, providing actionable insights for agribusinesses and ag lenders.  Corbett Kull, CEO at CamoAg, […]

The Benefits of Programmatic Advertising with Better Data

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Digital advertising is a cornerstone of a successful digital marketing strategy. But how you execute the strategy can impact the performance of your campaign and the overall momentum of your business. That’s because not all digital advertising strategies are built the same, and some are much less effective and efficient than others. Thankfully, there are ways to strengthen and automate your advertising efforts to improve their results.

Everything You Need To Know About Data-Driven Marketing for B2B

Businesswoman with curly hair drawing diagram on whiteboard when preparing for data-driven marketing presentation

Data-driven marketing is essential for successful campaigns, especially for B2B. It encompasses various strategies and tactics that can significantly improve lead generation and conversion rates. But applying these methods effectively is not always straightforward. This guide provides a clear understanding of how data-driven marketing works and the best ways to implement it in your business, […]

Why Invest in Content Marketing for B2B? The Definitive Guide

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The internet is currently flooded with content from brands and businesses touching on every subject conceivable. So, if you’re just starting a content marketing campaign, it can feel daunting to stand out from the crowd and grab your audience’s attention. That’s why it’s helpful to better understand why content marketing is worth it for your business and the best way to develop your content marketing strategy.

Buckle Up: The Used Equipment Market Might Be Changing

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A lot of ag dealers are currently feeling the hurt as skyrocketing prices, low demand, and a flooded market of equipment are making it harder-and-harder to find buyers. But this could be the beginning of the end. According to some, we might be heading towards a new normal for the ag used equipment market. But […]

Weathering Auction Market Fluctuations: How to Anticipate Changes in Heavy Equipment Values

Construction equipment on hill with workers talking

In a recent EquipmentWorld article by Jordanne Waldschmidt, it was reported that auction prices for used units are trending downward, as more construction equipment and truck inventory are now available on dealer lots.1 With uncertainties looming, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate changes to maximize returns and minimize risks. Trends Impacting Auction Prices “Pandemic-related […]

Making Profitability Certain in a Year of Uncertainty

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“Most insureds, regardless of industry or vehicle class, should anticipate ongoing premium increases in 2024,” states CBIZ in their Commercial Auto Insurance Market Outlook for 2024.1 In the realm of insurance, precision is paramount. Yet, underwriters face a myriad of challenges that hinder their ability to integrate comprehensive data into their processes effectively. From the […]

Unleash the Power of Route-Targeting: How to Maximize ROI

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In the competitive landscape of truck dealership marketing, attracting non-local fleets can be a significant challenge. Picture this: You’re a dealership looking to expand your customer base beyond your immediate area, but traditional marketing efforts fall short. What do you do? Enter route-targeting with digital ads, a game-changer in reaching out-of-town customers and maximizing ROI. […]

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Actionable Data

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Do you struggle with the overwhelming amount of data available to you? Imagine having the power to make sense of vast datasets, understand market dynamics, and identify growth opportunities effortlessly. That’s where EDA Data and EDA Analytics Plus come into play.  EDA Analytics Plus is the key that unlocks the treasure trove of data you […]