YouTube Videos Are the Best Content, and Here’s Proof!

As a video content evangelist, I passive-aggressively disagree with any naysayers who might say I spend too much time talking about YouTube. I say you can’t spend too much time talking about the wildly popular video hosting site. While there may not be a miracle wonder-channel, YouTube is one of the best ways to create highly engaging content that converts your audience into paying customers.

Why is YouTube so great?

Because I said so.
No? That didn’t work? Alright, let’s dig into this then.
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Connect With Your Audience

If you have a sales background, you know exactly how difficult it is to sell something to someone without an introduction. Even in marketing, where things like targeted digital advertising have rendered cold calling obsolete, an introduction is an important part of the sales lifecycle. The bottom line is people buy from the brands they know.
Marketers understand this, and it’s one reason why so many have tried to find ways to put a value on brand awareness. Even without a well-defined ROI, marketers will launch brand awareness campaigns just to introduce their audience to their brand. That’s the implied value of an initial introduction to valuable audiences.

But what does this have to do with YouTube?

YouTube is the third biggest site on the internet, garnering around a billion unique visitors every month. That’s a lot of people watching videos every day. While the audience you are marketing to isn’t nearly this big, a large part of your specific audience is on the site watching videos they find valuable.
With this in mind, YouTube allows you to get a connection with your audience. But it allows you to get a more visually engaging connection than other channels. Unlike in banner ads or search engine marketing ads, you are providing more than a logo, tagline, or a single image. You’re connecting with your audience in a way that encourages engagement and eventual conversion.

YouTube is a great opportunity to introduce your brand to your audience and continue engaging them beyond this initial introduction.

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Engage Your Audience

Content is one of the most effective ways to engage and convert your audience. Sure, you have to find the best way to make a connection with your audience, but the connection is only the first step in your sales lifecycle. Engaging content is what propels your audience down the path to purchase.

Can YouTube videos help you engage your audience?

Of course they can, most YouTube videos are very engaging types of content that an audience finds valuable. Sure, you can watch prank videos, but that’s because they get a high number of views. If an audience isn’t finding a video subject valuable (for entertainment or pragmatism), videos around this subject will no longer be posted. People post videos because they think their viewers will watch them.
Regularly posting videos your audience finds valuable on YouTube is wildly important. Look at your audience demographics and interests. Once you understand exactly what your audience will respond to, you can tailor your content to closely align with these interests. For instance, if contractors or fleet executives want to see your product’s capabilities, make a video series showing them how well your product can perform in different circumstances.

YouTube videos are a great way to keep audiences engaged while they make very important purchase decisions.

So, like I have said before, YouTube is an awesome channel for connecting and engaging your audience. It gives you a unique opportunity to demonstrate how your brand aligns with audience interests, all the while displaying the capabilities of your products and equipment. While it may not be a wonder-channel, it’s definitely an opportunity for you to convert your audience into paying customers.
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