You’re Using Data to Market? Good, But Don’t Stop There!

So you are using data to target your audience so that you can better utilize the next stages of the sales lifecycle. That’s great. Most likely you are seeing higher conversion rates and greater lead generation as a result. You can’t argue with success, but you can improve upon it.
Understanding that data is necessary and using it correctly is a big accomplishment. By using outside data subscriptions to target your audience, demographics research to target your messaging, analytics to measure your digital campaigns, and sales data to measure your effectiveness, you are already a step ahead of the competition, and that is huge! If you can get ahead of the competition then you are currently winning the race, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

Just like a runner in a marathon, you can’t get too comfortable when you are in the lead.

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Use Data to Understand What Works

You might be using data to target your advertising, but the information you get from each campaign you run is vital. These analytics give you the insight you need to pinpoint your audience and optimize future marketing campaigns. With these numbers you can see who your audience is and what messaging works best.
You can also analyze where your traffic is coming from and going to and see what types of content are actually driving qualified leads. Data is invaluable in modern marketing, especially information that can provide you with the insight necessary to understand the effectiveness of your marketing plan from beginning to end. You now know who you want to communicate with and how to best engage them.

By knowing what your customers respond best to you can now tailor your communications to be the most effective they have ever been, getting an even bigger lead on the competition.

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Use Data to Prove ROI

Using data to increase the effectiveness of your marketing operation is great. But each marketing campaign you develop is only as valuable as the measurable increase in revenue for your company that it generates.
As marketers we understand the value of marketing campaigns, even when the data isn’t readily available to prove it. In the world of business though, leadership will only place money into your budget if they can see the numbers to prove their investment is worth it.
[box]If you can show your superiors that on a blog post you had 400 visitors and 28 of them  actually clicked your call-to-action and submitted a form on your landing page, then that is impressive. That means there were 28 prospects who became leads for your sales team to follow up on.  If you have calculated the average value of a lead you can immediately get a good idea of how much that article is worth to your company.[/box]
By tracking the results of your lead generation you can prove internally that your marketing efforts are worth the money that is being spent on them. This is integral to any business operation.

Your budget is justifiable only if you produce a provable, positive ROI.

If you are using data to target your audience, then you have a big advantage over your competitors. If you are continuously tracking available data to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and measure your ROI, then you are in a position to grow your company in new and exciting ways. Just remember, keep the pace and don’t look back.
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