Why Data is Smarter Than Your Gut

How reliable is your gut when it comes to navigating through your industry? Does intuition provide clear enough direction when it comes to finding the right audience and where to search for them? The truth is that there’s no way to tell the many missed opportunities that come from depending on your gut alone.
Fortunately, there is information out there to guide you as you work toward growing your business, information otherwise known as data.
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What is BIG data?

Big data is a catch-all phrase for volumes of digital information so large that the amount created daily is measure in quintillions. The advancement of technology. The constant expansion of the internet. The growing popularity of social media. These contributors to the constant creation of data are also huge factors in the evolution of the construction industry.

The greatest difficulty is tying together the mass of gathered data to produce a clean data source. This is where Equipment Data Associates (EDA) comes in.

As you’ve probably experienced when sorting through information on new and potential customers, it is difficult to make sense of raw, unstructured data. EDA is a platform that analyzes and organizes construction data for you.
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Why EDA?

A database of active equipment buyers with 20 million equipment records, EDA offers a wide range of equipment purchasing data specific to your industry.
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How can EDA data help you?


It saves time:

The categories of information provided on individual companies makes for a more pointed search. You can search by brand, equipment, location, etc. And because the entire database is focused on construction equipment buyers, there is no question about whether or not you’re reaching the right people.

You can learn more about your customers:

You can find your customers in the EDA database and learn what equipment they presently have and what they’re currently buying. This will remove the mystery in predicting what your customer’s next move will be.

It helps you identify new prospects:

With the vast number of entries available on the database, you can be sure to find prospects you would not have come across otherwise.
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