What’s Your Win?

What does your morning routine look like? How do you start off each day?
Most people smack the snooze, pour the coffee, get dressed, and venture into the world without too much consideration. Or strategy.
We’re not inclined to start off each day with targeted, measurable thoughts. (Doughnut orders notwithstanding.)
We tend to be reactive instead of proactive.
When’s the last time you woke up and asked yourself: “What is my goal today? What do I hope to achieve or accomplish?”

“What is my win, today?”

Whether in life or business, success begins with being intentional. Setting goals and determining a destination. Plotting a course to get where you want to go.
This is confirmed by research, which has shown that ‘people lose 30 percent of their capacity and performance potential by not focusing on goals.’
That same study revealed that ‘teams engaged in reaching goals see a 28 percent higher same-year operating margin, yet a mere 7 percent of employees understand what they need to actually do to help their organization reach its goals.’
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Finding Your Win

Our objective here at Fusable is to help you find your win, and work with you to craft a plan to achieve it. We’re about helping people laser-in on specific goals that will lead to success.
Is your ‘win’ to recruit a certain number of truck drivers a month? A week? How many?
Perhaps your win is all about increasing sales. Or maybe it’s metrics like impressions, click-through rates, cost-per-hire, conversions, reach, or newsletter subscriptions.
Whatever your win is, have you written it down and made a commitment to achieve it? More importantly, do you have a roadmap for how you plan to get there?
Whether it’s through smart data, targeted marketing services or respected media outlets, we have the expertise to help you drill-down to the crux of the matter, and track down your company’s win.
The way our CEO Brent Reilly puts it, we’re all about ‘propelling’ people toward their best self. Brent references this notion of ‘propelling’ frequently in our Monday Meetings, where we gather for inspiration and motivation to kick-off our work week. The idea is that we seek excellence and integrity in our work in order to propel our clients — and ourselves — to new heights. That’s the driving force behind what we do.
So the takeaway from this post is pretty simple: Have you identified your win lately? Have you set measurable goals to achieve that win, and mapped out a strategy to arrive at your winning destination?

Make a plan. Make it measurable. Make it official.

We’re here with the expertise, the proven methodologies, and the targeted audience to help you make it happen.
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