Using Twitter to Engage Your Audience

As I’ve covered many times before, Facebook is a social media juggernaut and shows no sign of slowing down. However, it’s important not to be one dimensional with your marketing approach.
Using other channels of social media may be able to bring your company attention as well. Twitter is one such example. Simple Twitter campaigns can cost little to nothing and generate interest and excitement around your company and products.
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Twitter Still Has a Vast Audience

Despite constant swirling predictions of Twitter’s impending death, it keeps chugging along. Now in it’s eleventh year, the platform is continuing to gain monthly users. In the first quarter of 2017, Twitter topped out with 328 million monthly users.
The United States is home to 67 million active Twitter users and 500 million messages are tweeted out daily.
Twitter Audience
With over 1/4 billion monthly users and close to 100 million in the U.S. alone, Twitter although not as effective as other options, does offer a way to get eyes on your company.
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How Businesses Can Harness Twitter

Harness PowerTo be successful with Twitter you have to know what works. Using hashtags is a logical place to start. Tweets sent out by businesses that utilize hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted. Every retweet and/or like is a set of eyes on your messaging.
When hashtagging on Twitter, there are some recommended practices. For instance, hashtags that are eleven characters or more get retweeted 117% more than those with six characters or less. Formulating a relevant and catchy hashtag to tie to your business can really boost your marketing reach.
Beyond that, the new obsession with emojis can be a way to set yourself apart. What started out as a goofy trend that many mocked has now turned into a cash cow. Emojis have even spawned an animated Emoji movie.
Companies have started developing and using their custom branded emojis. The presence of a branded emoji in a tweet can spike overall impression numbers. On average, tweets with branded emojis get 5.3 million tweet impressions. That represents a 420% increase of the media baseline.
No matter how you decide to strategize on Twitter, it’s important to keep track of what’s happening with your brand on the social media channel.
Tracking likes, retweets, and link clicks can help you gauge what is connecting with people and what is not. Knowing what works can help you formulate and produce more Twitter content to appeal to that audience.
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Twitter Can Help You Stand Out And Move Your Brand Forward

While still not as big as Facebook’s audience, Twitter can help generate a following for your brand. Major companies like Charmin, Digiornio, and General Electric have harnessed the social media platform to get the word out about new products, engage with customers, and keep their company front and center in the public eye.
Whether promoting the overall brand or a specific product, Twitter can spread the awareness and excitement. Tracking and reproducing what has been successful for you in the past will point the way and help you generate more engaging content moving forward.
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