TPS has Arrived

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One of our main goals at Fusable is to continue growing and adapting our approach and offerings to meet our clients’ changing needs. Throughout the years we have strived to offer content and support to dealers with Successful Dealer, and to the parts and service aftermarket with Truck Parts & Service.
Though these two market segments may seem different, as technology has continued to develop and shift the business landscape, we’ve found that the audiences of Truck Parts & Service and Successful Dealer have many of the same problems, interests, and goals. In an effort to serve these audiences more effectively we have officially merged the two brands to form Trucks, Parts, Service, also known as TPS.
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The TPS Audience

Whether you’re looking for qualified employees, solid prospects, or trying to market your business or products, our TPS audience will enable you to reach professionals across the aftermarket and dealer markets simultaneously across multiple platforms. In print (20k annual reach), newsletters(18k recipients), and online website presence (over 26k unique monthly visits) TPS has you covered.
TPS Audience Business Type
Top 5 Ways the Audience Gets Industry News
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New Name, Same Game

The name may have changed but the game is still the same. Merging Successful Dealer and Truck Parts & Service to create TPS is just the latest way Fusable has continued to grow and evolve, not only keep pace with, but also to anticipate the market as it grows and adapts to new advancements.
It is our goal to provide quality content while helping you more effectively target prospects. We’re excited about the possibilities and the future that comes with TPS. We hope you enjoy this new comprehensive approach that enables us to serve both the dealer and aftermarket audiences.