The Sales Lifecycle in Action

I preach it every day. Now I know what it is like to actually be inside the lifecycle.
I am constantly on the prowl for case studies. People need proof, something they can get hold of. Case studies say: “This is real folks, and you can do it too.”

So here is the case of study of me being taken through the lifecycle. This thing has got it all – content marketing, paid media, data; I mean everything.

I was visiting the website of a well known brand within the recreational fishing industry. I noticed a new video series sponsored by a fairly well known company that manufactures lures. The video was well done and peaked my interest.
There was one particular lure that caught my eye, and I knew I needed it for my next fishing trip. Luckily the lure manufacturer used a companion banner linking to a landing page next to the video. I clicked on the banner, ordered the lures I wanted, and went on my merry way.
The lure manufacturer sold their product through a retailer. After making my purchase, the retailer retargeted me with free shipping advertised through banners. I clicked on the banner and ending up purchasing more products using the promotion code for free shipping.

Now when I need fishing tackle, I go straight to the retailer’s website and order what I need. . .

Let’s break down the elements of this campaign. Considering I now buy all my stuff online from a retailer and have a new lure manufacturer whose product is part of my arsenal now. I would call whatever happened a success.
Let’s look at it from the perspective of the lure manufacturer, or for our purposes the OEM.
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Strategy 1: Data to Identify

I was the OEM’s perfect prospect. I live to recreationally fish for bass. How does the OEM find out where I hang out and consume content? Demographic research is crucial to setting up your campaigns effectively. From their research, they knew that watching video would most likely help me convert. But they also knew where I was most likely to watch videos. This leads us to strategy number 2.
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Strategy 2: Using Industry Brands

Despite having some popularity, their website doesn’t get the kind of traffic as either the retailer or the industry brand they used. Within your industry there are probably brands (or publications as they were called ten years ago) that are well known and respected by your prospects. Don’t be scared to use this to your advantage. Most brands these days provide several platforms to connect with. Website, print, newsletters, and mobile apps are all relevant platforms. Because their content was promoted through this brand I trusted, I watched it. I would probably have ignored an email from the OEM, and it would have ended up in my spam folder
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Strategy 3: Using Good Video

The video that jump started my buying spree was well done. The quality was professional level and the format they used to promote their product was interesting and entertaining. Subliminally it communicated that i could catch fish using these products. Content marketing has little room for error. You need to nail it on quality and nail it on messaging.
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Strategy 4: Using Compelling CTA’s

I knew I wanted to buy some product at the end of the video. Fortunately the OEM used a companion banner with their video. All I had to do was click and I was immediately set up to purchase some product. It is important that once your content makes the conversion, your prospect knows what to do next.
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Summing Up

They started with data.
They knew what influences buying decisions among their prospects.
They went to where I was.
The used paid media and the trust I had for an industry brand to get me to consume their content.
They spent the money for quality.
They executed on their content. It compelled and entertained me.
They made it easy.
Once you have targeted, connected, and engaged a prospect, make it easy for them to buy or get in contact.
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