The Great American Trucking Show Rolls on Home

Finally, the Fusable offices are beginning to return to normal after a long, rewarding week in Dallas, TX. Hopefully, you made it home safely and your offices are beginning to calm down a bit too.
We hope you had as much fun as we did at the Great American Trucking Show. It was exciting to see such a large cross-section of the trucking industry gathered under one roof in America’s heartland.
Recruiting Owner Operators
We have good news for you! The preliminary numbers are showing us as having broken the attendance records set by the show in previous years. This means that you were able to get in front of a larger audience at the Great American Trucking Show than ever before.
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What does that mean for your experience at GATS?


  • 1. Your sponsorships got more impressions than they might have in previous years.
  • 2. There were more opportunities for you to sell products while on the show floor.
  • 3. You had a better chance to generate leads due to increased foot traffic.

We are already excited about heading back to Dallas in 2015. Hopefully you can join us again next year and continue to help make GATS such a great show.
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