Ten Best (FREE) Mobile Apps for Construction Dealers

Expanding communication between jobsite, dealership offices, and customers is a key benefit of using mobile devices. According to a survey conducted by technology company CDW, respondents believe mobile devices offer competitive advantages and efficiency.

The modern dealer sales team has reps in the field sending secure e-mail messages, viewing and interacting with customer relationship management systems (CRM), preparing quotes, making sales calls, and getting documents signed, all through their smart phone or tablet.

Because mobile devices and business apps can empower your dealership as well as your customers’ business. Find the best apps for you and your customers by simply entering these words in your web browser search bar: Best Construction Apps. In the search results look for reputable sources, then check out the app website.

Need help with improving sales team mobility? Here are ten apps sure to boost productivity while on-the-go.

  1. Gas Buddy
    While technically not a productivity app, this tool can help you locate the lowest gas prices in your area. Who doesn’t like saving money?

  2. Waze
    Recently purchased by Google, Waze is a free, community-driven navigation app that accurately reports drive times, speed traps, accidents, traffic jams, and gas prices along a route.

  3. Evernote
    Sync notes, to-do lists, voice-memos, scan business cards and more across all your devices. Your content is securely stored in the cloud for access at any time.

  4. Genius Scan
    This handy tool lets you scan documents while away from your desk and export as jpeg or PDF. Send files through email or save to cloud storage such as DropBox and Evernote.

  5. EDA ProspectMobile
    Still in Beta, ProspectMobile by EDA is a lead-generation app designed to return construction equipment buyers within a defined radius. Equipment Dealers with an EDA subscription can use ProspectMobile to find qualified prospects no matter where they are. Contact EDA for release details and timeline.

  6. ScanBizCards
    Easily import contact records using the camera on your smartphone. ScanBizCards will create new contacts or merge existing ones, and the paid version will export to Evernote and multiple CRM platforms.

  7. Expensify
    Tire of tedious expense reports? This popular travel tool lets you capture receipts and track expenses while on the road and then export to many popular software platforms.

  8. Wunderlist
    While there are many, many to-do list apps out there, this one has stood the test of time. Wunderlist will sync your to-do items and lists across your devices; they even offer online and desktop software.

  9. Cloud Storage Apps
    Cloud storage, or the capability to store files on ever-accessible, remote servers, is becoming increasingly popular as a means to share, collaborate, and sync important documents. Popular platforms include: DropBox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, and many more. Each comes with a number of free Gigabytes (5+) with additional memory for a fee. Regardless of your choice, the important thing is that your critical files are always within arms reach.

  10. CRM Apps
    Perhaps the single most valuable tool for traveling dealer reps, mobile CRM apps enable users to access prospect records, review sales activity, and even generate quotes. Every major CRM has a mobile app; a quick web search will reveal where and how to download the app specific to your company’s CRM platform.

Standard tasks such as email, web browsing, sales presentations, and social media are still popular, but app developers are filling demand for more niche functionality. File sharing and real-time reporting allow dealers to access documents while in the field, manage change orders, deliver contracts, update specs, send invoices, track returned items and monitor fleets.

Find the best mobile apps and share them with your customers. The possibilities are limitless.
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