The Best Way To Perform Target Audience Research

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Your target audience is comprised of the people who could benefit most from the products or services you sell. Because of that, it’s important to understand exactly who they are and what they look for in your business. Without a clear understanding of your target audience, your marketing and selling efforts might not be as effective as they could be. But in order to perform a thorough analysis of your audience, it’s good to know how to research them and why it’s important to do so.

4 things you need to know about market research

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To give your company the best chance at success, you need to know the basics about how to conduct market research and build your marketing strategy and business plan around the insights you gain. Why is market research important? The information provided by research doesn’t just inform your marketing strategy. Product development, customer service and […]

My 6 Core Principles of Marketing

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How do you know if your marketing is effective? How can you tell a good idea from a bad one? In the hustle and bustle created by demand for volume and promo sheets, it’s easy to lose sight of what guides us in marketing. What is it that makes what we do good and worthwhile? […]

The Emotional Motivations that Drive Content Consumption

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Today we’re donning our psychology coats (I’m thinking tweed, preferably with those elbow patch things) to explore the thought process and emotions that motivate the content we consume. Why do we click on certain articles, but not others? What’s going on in our brains when we sift through and select content? What are the underlying […]

2017 Marketing Field Guide

Grab the Tech Tiger By The Tail in 2017 - Download the 2017 Marketing Field Guide

Your 2017 marketing plan is past due.   Do you have a plan to boost your brand in the remainder of 2017? Will you be able to improve your social media efforts and create a more effective content marketing strategy? Are you up to speed on the latest digital advertising trends? Any ideas on how […]

5 Stats About Fleet Executives Marketers Must Know

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In the trucking industry, there are few audiences as valuable as fleet executives. They are powerful buyers that most brands can’t afford to ignore. Having a close working relationship with these executives can mean a really good year for your company, whether you’re an OEM, manufacturer, dealership, or distributor. But that doesn’t mean you can […]

Free Research to Empower Your Marketing

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Rule Numero Uno: Empower the Customer Whether you are writing a blog (this just got meta!), creating products, or cold calling prospects, you need to keep your message focused on empowering your customer. If you’re going to empower your customer it is vital that you know their pain points. The Story Wars [hr style=”2″] Our […]

RESEARCH: 2012 Trucking Connectivity Report

Trucking Connectivity Report 2012

Do you know what percentage of your target audience uses smartphones? Do fleet executives use social media? Do owner-operators check their email frequently? This report has your answers to those questions. Each year, our research department conducts and extensive research campaign to help marketers in the trucking and driver recruitment industries tailor their campaigns. And […]