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Rule Numero Uno: Empower the Customer

Whether you are writing a blog (this just got meta!), creating products, or cold calling prospects, you need to keep your message focused on empowering your customer. If you’re going to empower your customer it is vital that you know their pain points.

The Story Wars

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Our marketing department uses the message of this video as a filter for everything we do. Every message we craft must address the pain point of a client. In doing so, we also want to provide that client with tools to remove the obstacles that keep them from succeeding. If you can’t do this, then pack your bags and go home. Why should anyone listen to what you have to say or buy what you’re selling if you can’t empower their business efforts?
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So how do you find out these “pain points” for your customers?

You can talk to them. You can do surveys and research. You can guess, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Since most of our clients are marketers as well (this is getting meta again) we need to address their pain points. And one of their pain points is not knowing the struggles of their audience (this is seriously meta!).
The editors of Commercial Carrier Journal, a trucking brand focused on fleets, surveyed their audience about the challenges facing fleets in today’s market. So here is a tool to empower your marketing, so that your marketing can address the challenges that fleets face everyday.
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