The Best Way To Nurture Leads: Using Expert Content

woman going over documents on a tablet with a client

Lead nurturing is the process of cultivating leads that aren’t ready to buy. It’s a strategy that companies use to engage with their leads, build thought leadership, and inform them about their products and services based on what their needs are and how the company can provide them with solutions. Essentially, it allows companies to keep their business and brand top of mind and build strong relationships with their leads before they become customers. But without effective lead nurturing strategies and tactics, like well-executed content marketing, the process can often feel difficult.

4 Ways to Boost Revenue After the Sale of a Truck

Truck Sales Revenue

As many dealers and OEMs know, the initial sale of a piece of equipment is the only the tip of the revenue iceberg. Service and repair after the point of a sale contribute greatly to  profits. In other words, repeat customers are your strongest driver of revenue. What can you the marketer do to develop […]