Weathering Auction Market Fluctuations: How to Anticipate Changes in Heavy Equipment Values

Construction equipment on hill with workers talking

In a recent EquipmentWorld article by Jordanne Waldschmidt, it was reported that auction prices for used units are trending downward, as more construction equipment and truck inventory are now available on dealer lots.1 With uncertainties looming, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate changes to maximize returns and minimize risks. Trends Impacting Auction Prices “Pandemic-related […]

7 Ways To Make Your Next Open House the Best Ever

a family looking at a new home through an open house event

For construction dealers, open houses represent a unique marketing opportunity. No other approach competes when it comes to developing good will, meeting face-to-face with customers, and demoing to a large, captive audience – all in one day. 7 Ways To Improve Your Open House Events The following are seven elements to a successful open house […]

How data can grow your business during the coronavirus

digital marketing and data

With many businesses hitting the pause button during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to use data to inform your marketing and sales strategies. EDA and RigDig, which provide proprietary data based on your business needs, can help you strategize in a way that will boost sales and grow client relationships.      Why do […]

4 essential elements of coronavirus messaging

woman working on dual monitors

In the unprecedented times of this coronavirus pandemic, it can be hard to figure out how to maintain engagement with your audience and not strike the wrong note or appear transactional. And when most buyer journeys can take three to nine months, it can be tempting to hit pause on advertising. The challenge with the […]

Marketing in the age of the coronavirus pandemic

looking at overdrive on laptop

If anything is certain about marketing during an era of massive disruption, it’s that there’s an immediate opportunity for your message to be seen where your current and potential customers are congregating. In trucking and construction, it’s highly likely that your prospects are getting their coronavirus (COVID-19) industry news from our media brands like CCJ, […]

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 2) – VIDEO

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 2)

In our previous video, How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 1) we focused on how to set your marketing apart from your competitors’ by using your ad creative. But as you know, the process of reaching prospects does not stop with setting up great visuals and creating compelling and relevant content for your ads. […]

How to Create Stand-Out Ad Creative (Part 1) – VIDEO


In today’s marketplace you are competing not only with other companies like yours, but with companies in other industries whose ads just happen to be on the same webpage as yours. To catch a potential customer’s attention you have to stand out. How exactly can you do that in such a jam packed and competitive […]

3 Ways to Use UCC Data to Find Prospects – VIDEO

3 Ways to UCC Data to Find Prospects

UCC Data is the backbone of our EDA database. But what is UCC data and more importantly, what does that mean for your sales and marketing? We’ve compiled UCC data from all 50 states, verify it for accuracy through several sources, and using experience gathered over several decades, amend the data to add useful information […]

How Seasonality Affects Your Equipment Sales – VIDEO

How Seasonality Affects Your Equipment Sales

There’s more to selling equipment than finding the right buyers. You can get your ads in front of the people most likely to buy from you, but if you catch them at the wrong time, you might as well be advertising to the wrong people. Timing is crucial in your business and knowing when prospects […]

How to be More Data-Driven in Your Marketing – VIDEO

How to Be More Data-Driven in Your Marketing

The goal for every equipment manufacturer is to get their product out there and into the hands of their customers. To do that, companies engage in all kinds of different marketing tactics to attract buyers. But what’s the most effective way to reach people? Is there a tool to get the most out your efforts […]