Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Work

marketing puzzle missing a piece

Marketing for a company is an intricate task to say the least. You need creative, strategic, and data-driven thinkers with a host of skills to encompass the many facets of marketing. While your staff may be limited, there are aspects of marketing that cannot be ignored if you are going to be successful. The expanse […]

3 Things Everyone Should Know by Now

Things you should know by now.

That technology is changing at a break-neck pace is old news. We’ve become used to hearing about new and disruptive technologies almost every day. Sometimes we don’t even realize that they’re already available. Keeping up with internet trends and fads is a whole other matter altogether. But there are a few things that have stood […]

13 Marketing Acronyms I Had to Learn

Alphabet Soup

As I moved through the different phases of life, high-school, career, and career changes, I have been forced to learn the vocabularies of these worlds. While the colloquial slang of each microcosm comes with a host of new words and phrases, perhaps the hardest thing to adapt to is the copious amounts of abbreviations. In […]

4 Ways to Isolate Your Content

The Content Island

If your content marketing goal is to confuse, drive zero leads, and waste your content, then keep all those wonderful blogs and infographics isolated. Here are four ways to keep the engagement and leads down. 1. Do Not Create a Content Calendar People need redundancy before a point is truly driven home. Making a content […]