4 Ways to Isolate Your Content

If your content marketing goal is to confuse, drive zero leads, and waste your content, then keep all those wonderful blogs and infographics isolated. Here are four ways to keep the engagement and leads down.

1. Do Not Create a Content Calendar

People need redundancy before a point is truly driven home. Making a content calendar helps you develop themes to run throughout your content and increases the impact of each piece of content. To prevent this, you should choose random topics that have nothing to do with each other.

2. Remove Sharing Links

With shared media being your strongest form of marketing, you need to take away people’s ability to share your content socially. Remove all social and share links on your content. With this done your content is regulated to only those who stumble upon it accidentally.

3. Never Link to Content

Content can be hard to locate through organic search. To keep your content better hidden never link to it on your social accounts. It should reside on only one page of your website and never be linked to on social accounts or throughout the rest of your website.

4. Never Recycle Your Content

Some people like to read blogs, some prefer videos, others like a good ol’ fashioned infographic. If you recycle your content and use multiple formats you risk reaching a larger audience.  One format per subject matter is all you want to do.

But, if you want to maximize your engagement and reach as many people as possible, do the exact opposite of that.