Are your campaigns mobile-ready?

Mobile Devices

According to the 2012 Trucking Connectivity Report more than 65% of drivers access the internet via mobile devices at least once a day. More than 72% of owner-operators and 77% of fleet executives  reported the same. Whoever you’re wanting to reach in the trucking industry, odds are they are getting online, checking their emails, updating […]

Banner Display Glossary for Trucking and Construction

Online Banner Targeting for Mobile Devices

Banner display is an effective tool in your digital marketing campaign. To make the most of your efforts and maximize your budget it is important to target prospects effectively and efficiently. Take advantage of the measurable tools and platforms that are available to you. Targeting correctly will allow you to find quality leads, expand your […]

Do your customers trust online advertising?

Online Advertising

When we talk about online advertising with clients, there tends to be an immediate association with the pop-up, circa 2003. You of course remember those pesky things. We all closed them as quickly as possible and installed software to block them. Nobody wanted to click on them. If you did, you risked a virus or […]

Banner Display, Part V: How Can You Expand Your Audience?

Audience Expansion

It’s time for the long awaited 5th installment of the display series. Hopefully you’re not thinking Rocky,  Fast and Furious, or the Saw franchise. Even though this is a marketing blog, I think I can do better than the 5th installment of the aforementioned films. It has been a while since the last post on banner […]

Banner Display, Part II: Target the Right Device

Targeting Devices

For those of you who missed last week’s blog on banner display click here. But here is a short review. Online banner display has the potential for great value with one glaring caveat. You must be able maximize your budget by targeting only your prospects. Without this crucial step you will get an influx of […]

Banner Display, Part 1: Target or Go Home

arrows hitting bullseye

What makes online banner display so great? Nothing . . . unless you target. [one_half] Without targeting, banner display is essentially a billboard along the highway. Sure a lot of people see it, but most don’t care, and it tends to be expensive. Targeting is a nice concept, but what does it mean to target […]