Removing The Inefficiencies of Digital Advertising

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Digital advertising is a cornerstone of a successful digital marketing strategy. But how you execute the strategy can impact the performance of your campaign and the overall momentum of your business. That’s because not all digital advertising strategies are built the same, and some are much less effective and efficient than others. Thankfully, there are ways to strengthen and automate your advertising efforts to improve their results.

Why Some Digital Advertising Can Be Inefficient and Ineffective

Almost every company uses digital advertising of some sort in order to promote their products and services. It’s an excellent way to inform people about your business, generate demand, and create more traffic for your site. But traditional digital advertising can take a lot of time and effort that you could be focusing on other areas of your business. That’s because traditional digital advertising involves developing the ads and then manually finding the best place to host them online.

Manually placing digital advertisements might include going on to a social media page, like Facebook, or a search engine, like Google, and purchasing spaces to display your ads to different businesses. Doing that for every ad campaign you run can be a time sink, and that doesn’t even include the work you put into dissecting your target audience and determining to whom you want search engines and social media platforms to show your ads. 

That’s why, although digital advertising is crucial to the success of your business, there are definitely better ways to remove the inefficiencies and make the process much easier for you and your team.

Improving Your Digital Campaign with Programmatic Advertising

The number one way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your digital advertising campaign is to use programmatic solutions. In fact, 90% of digital ads you see online are programmatic. That means, if you’re not using a programmatic solution for your digital marketing campaign, you will almost certainly fall behind the competition. 

Programmatic advertising is the process of automatically buying digital space and placing your advertisements based on a maximum bid amount that you provide. This takes away all the manual work from you and your team, saving you additional time and resources that you can focus on other areas of your marketing campaign.

Programmatic advertising works by targeting your audience using different factors, including:

  • Context: Programmatic uses contextual targeting to ensure that your ads are placed on appropriate and relevant sites for your industry and audience.
  • Location: Using your audience’s location and geofencing strategies, programmatic ads can determine who would benefit from your ads based on where they’re located or if they enter your trading area.
  • Device: No matter what device your audience uses, programmatic ads can show up in the correct format to best attract their attention.

Another reason why programmatic advertising is so beneficial to businesses is because of its scalability. Programmatic gives companies the ability to scale their ad buying up or down based on their marketing needs. That includes changing the maximum bid amount or extending the campaign for a longer duration. It also allows advertisers to make their campaigns more effective by optimizing messaging rotation and ensuring it uses the advertisement that attracts the most engagement.

Programmatic Advertising with Expert Data

Automating your ad buying and placement is a great start to improving your digital marketing. But if you really want your marketing campaign to succeed, that’s often just step one. Pairing programmatic advertising with expert data will strengthen your campaign’s performance and improve its overall results. That’s because using data, you can target your audience’s behaviors or product ownership to show them ads for the right products or that align accordingly to where they are in the buyer’s journey.

For example, let’s say your company sells parts and accessories for long-haul trucks. Using Randall Reilly’s proprietary data, you could enhance your programmatic ads to target businesses who own trucks that are compatible with your products. Then, using programmatic strategies, like geofencing, you could send your audience interactive ads when they enter your trading area which can provide them with a promotional offer or work to drive traffic to your business.

It might sound too good to be true. But we’ve actually done it before. Take a look at how Randall Reilly helped a business improve their conversion rate by 53% when they used our programmatic marketing solutions.

Traditional digital advertising isn’t enough anymore. Thankfully, programmatic marketing exists to help automate your business and improve your marketing campaign. But if you want your digital ads to be as effective as possible, it’s important to pair your programmatic ads with verified equipment owner data. Contact Randall Reilly today to learn more about our programmatic marketing solutions and how we can strengthen your advertising strategies.