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Our goal is to consistently provide our audience with quality content that is valuable to them. Over the past several weeks we have begun to expand the ways we make that content available to you. We realize that sometimes it’s hard to take the time to sit down and actually read an entire article, no matter how much you may be interested in the subject matter.
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Listen to the Fusable Review on SoundCloud

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I myself am a huge fan of podcasts, and I routinely find myself listening to various podcasts throughout the week while I work on my computer. I’m sure many of you are the same way. That’s why every new article that goes up on now features an embedded audio player that allows you to listen to the article instead of read it if that’s something that appeals to you. The embedded player is provided by SoundCloud, which also hosts all of the recorded audio articles in one place for your convenience on our Fusable Review SoundCloud Audio Library.
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Check Out the Fusable Review on Apple Podcasts

We’ve also recently established our own Fusable Review Apple Podcast account, which also features audio for every new article posted. Over time, it is our goal to add this audio option to every single article featured on our blog. Given the amount of posts we have this could take some time, but it is our goal just the same.
Fusable Review on Apple Podcasts
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Find Weekly Video Content on Our Fusable YouTube Channel

The other major component we’re now offering is new weekly video content posted to YouTube. Each week we will focus on a different topic that you, our audience finds interesting and valuable. These videos can be found both here on our blog and over on our Fusable YouTube Channel. In the future we hope to expand our video offerings by providing even more weekly videos with varying styles and approaches.

Whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen we have you covered. Check out the new content over on our Fusable YouTube Channel, or catch each new installment right here on the blog as they are released. Enjoy an audio article on the blog, or over on SoundCloud or through Apple Podcasts; whatever works best for you.
We hope this new multi-faceted approach will allow you to consume more of the content you want in the ways you want. As always, don’t forget to check back with us on a regular basis here on the blog; and when you visit us on YouTube, SoundCloud, or Apple Podcasts, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and enable notifications so you’ll always know when new content is released.
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