Rank higher in Google search results with social media

Most customers never look beyond the first page of Google, and since social media and search engine optimization are both centered around expanding your company’s online presence, it makes sense that these two very different strategies can complement each other to increase your rank in search engine results.

1. Double down on your engagement

The more users interact with your company on social media, the more likely you are to be seen as a trustworthy source, which will help increase brand awareness and, as a result, your Google ranking. 

Always promote your content, whether it’s written or video, on social media, and consider boosting the posts that are performing particularly well. Ask questions and post surveys to spark conversations. You can also run paid campaigns that will bring more users to your profiles and increase brand awareness.

2. Send people back to your website

While traffic from social media links doesn’t actually count in SEO rankings, the long-term benefits do. By promoting your website on social media, you’re more likely to get users exploring your content and revisiting your website time and time again. So while their initial visit won’t increase your SEO ranking, their subsequent visits will.

3. Know your audience

While this tip is essential for any marketing strategy, it bears extra weight when combining your social media and SEO strategies because you’re looking at what your customers connect with for your website, content, and social media posts at the same time, rather than just one.

Focusing on the same keywords, topics, and search intent in every channel will not only create a consistent brand experience, building more trust in your brand, but also makes your posts more searchable when you include relevant hashtags for your audience and increase visibility of your content and posts.  


SEO and social media strategies have the same goal: to bring more people to your website and ultimately grow revenue. That’s why you can use these strategies to complement each other. Keeping engagement high, making sure keywords and topics are consistent, and staying knowledgeable about what your audience connects with will help grow both strategies for maximum gain

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