ProspectMobile: EDA’s Solution for the Mobile Sales Team

Most equipment dealerships need a mobile sales force. Sure, you need the guys who work on the dealership floor, but they simply aren’t enough for most businesses. You can’t rely on contractors to walk into your dealership and buy an expensive piece of equipment.
A stationary sales team is limited in what it can accomplish. Dealerships need people that can travel to the customers, people who can find new business and visit with current customers. These people find new opportunities for you to increase revenue and grow your business.

These sales teams are at a disadvantage.

Stationary sales teams have a lot of great tools available. In particular, data is one of the most effective. Not only can you identify sales-ready prospects in your AOR, but you can assign reps to start calling during their downtime. It helps even out their day.
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All of the fancy tools and programs available to a stationary team throughout the day aren’t always available to a mobile sales force. While it takes effort to incorporate data into a sales rep’s day, it’s even worse when they’re constantly on the move.
Instead of having instant access, mobile sales teams have to rely on extensive planning to use data. But what if they have downtime between meetings and calls? There isn’t always a reliable internet connection for them to pull out their laptops or tablets and access their data.

So what do they do?

Fortunately, Fusable’s EDA platform has a solution. ProspectMobile is an easy-to-use phone app designed with a mobile sales force in mind.
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How does this help your mobile sales team?


Prospect on the road

When a sales rep is on the road, a reliable internet connection can be tough to find. This means that a mobile sales rep who plans on using data needs to do research during their time off or before they head out on the road. This can be difficult if the rep is prospecting for new business.
Most places in the United States have phone coverage. Instead of having to pre-plan their day, your rep can actively search for new prospects while they are traveling. The best part is ProspectMobile can be accessed straight from a smartphone app.

Smooth out their day

Even on the best of days a mobile sales rep is going to have downtime. This can be for a number of different reasons. For instance, a meeting might have ended earlier than expected or a call might have been canceled. They have other appointments, but they can’t just sit on their hands for an hour or two.
ProspectMobile helps your sales reps smooth out their day. Even when things happen and cause downtime, they can quickly access a vast database to identify sales-ready prospects. Instead of sitting around, they can visit prospects in person or start calling.
It’s easy to purchase a data subscription for your sales team. Getting them to incorporate data into their sales process on the other hand can be difficult. For mobile sales reps, it can be nearly impossible if you don’t equip them with the right tools. You can simplify this process with ProspectMobile.
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