Meeting the Demands of a Complex Industry: Identifying a Growth Strategy for Total Landscape Care

A critical part of every good marketing strategy is incorporating the media channels most relevant to your audience. That means building ads on the many digital channels they use, but also incorporating the other media properties they consume, such as magazines or websites. This is especially true for landscapers, who have a very diverse pattern of media consumption.
Simply put, you require a diverse, multi-channel campaign with industry leading media properties to accomplish your goals.
Here at Randall-Reilly, we offer full-spectrum marketing services to help you reach landscapers. That also means we have to invest in improving our capabilities and media properties to provide you with the best channels to reach your audience. For Total Landscape Care, we identified the challenge we were facing and implemented a winning growth strategy.
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The Challenge

Since we launched Total Landscape Care, landscapers have rapidly transitioned their media consumption habits from being primarily print-focused to a greater reliance on online communities and information. While print remains important, we realized traditional landscaping media were not well positioned to meet landscapers’ changing information needs.
To grow the audience, we had to readdress the best path to growing our audience and providing them with the most easily accessible content.
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The Solution

We looked at how we could we grow the Total Landscape Care brand to give our audience and our clients the best media solution for their needs. Landscapers have a complex and diverse pattern of media consumption, with more than 94% reporting daily internet use and another 70% self-reporting mobile internet use.
A digital acquisition strategy, we knew, would improve audience engagement, allow us to focus our resources, and help us correlate proprietary EDA data on financed equipment, such as skid steers and zero-turn mowers, with TLC’s audience. This is what prompted us to transition Total Landscape care from a print focused multi-media brand to a digital-only brand.

Now, there is still the big question of whether it’s working or not.

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The Results

Here are the results we’ve seen so far:

  • Web users are up 23% year over year. Pageviews have increased by 40%.
  • We have invested in growing our newsletter subscribers and keeping them engaged. We have seen a growth of over 13,000 new subscribers since we transitioned.
  • We can now create omni-channel marketing solutions based on audited, landscaper financial transaction data sourced from 48 state governments.

The growth of Total Landscape Care’s engaged audience and expanded capabilities is exciting. It provides you with an opportunity to reach a valuable, niche audience across the web. To access the media kit for TLC, click the button below.
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