Marketing to Owner-Operators: Be Mobile Friendly

Here we are again. If you’re reading this post, then I hope you’ve already seen two things. First, take a look at the 23 Stats About Owner-Operators That Empower Your Marketing slideshow if you haven’t already. Second, take a look at the last post in this series.
Now that you’re up to speed, let’s look at ways you can incorporate your newfound knowledge into your marketing campaigns.
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Fact: 49.2% of Owner-operators use handheld devices to access the internet.


But how do you use this information?

It’s important that everything you are doing is optimized for desktop/laptop and mobile browsing. You can incorporate this in all aspects of your marketing, but especially at the point of conversion. With such a large part of owner-operators using handheld devices, you can’t pass up the opportunity to convert this increasingly mobile audience.
In particular you need to develop landing pages which are mobile friendly. You can’t rely on creating landing pages that only look good on laptop and desktop display. Otherwise, you risk losing your audience before they ever convert..
If your audience is using multiple devices, you need to ensure that you have optimized your landing pages to look good across devices. A layout may look good on an iPhone but not on a desktop screen, and vice-versa. You need to test your landing pages to ensure they look good on the different screen sizes.
Your key takeaway: don’t rely on conversion points designed only for desktop. Always remember that your audience is mobile. After all of your hard work, you can’t risk losing prospects at the point of conversion because you ignored mobile.
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