Marketing in the age of the coronavirus pandemic

If anything is certain about marketing during an era of massive disruption, it’s that there’s an immediate opportunity for your message to be seen where your current and potential customers are congregating. In trucking and construction, it’s highly likely that your prospects are getting their coronavirus (COVID-19) industry news from our media brands like CCJ, Overdrive, Truckers News, Total Landscape Care and Equipment World. In fact, our CCJ website has seen a more than 49% increase in web traffic, and we are experiencing particularly strong social engagement across all of our trucking and construction brands.

Overall web traffic according to Facebook

  • Web traffic as a whole is up about 30% since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Viewers are streaming 61% more TV at the moment.

While you may be considering pausing, or redirecting marketing dollars, now is not the time to be dark. In fact, with such a strong surge of overall web traffic, consider these three strategic ways to place your message where your prospects are.

1. Industry specific advertising

Given the significant increase in traffic and engagement, consider placing your ads in our trucking and construction industry newsletters, websites and print products so your message can shine. In many cases, we can create a custom list using your targeting criteria, so our message reaches the right audience. Here is a snapshot of the surge in our recent trucking and construction traffic.

2. Social media campaigns

Now, with the surge in social media use, is a good time to let our performance marketing team create a custom audience for you on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. This is a good opportunity to use social media platforms to promote thought leadership and provide tips during these uncertain times.

3.  OTT/CTV campaigns

Run your nonskippable ads to targeted buyers while they stream the latest episode of their favorite show. With 35 million viewers watching more than 8 billion hours per month, there’s a lot of opportunity to use our verified B2B purchase data and demographic information to target your ideal prospects on connected devices.


While social distancing is in place, your prospects remain engaged and focused on business. Our team is committed to helping you reach your targeted prospects, wherever they are. And the business will go to the marketers that don’t go dark during this period of the coronavirus pandemic.
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