King Content strikes again

The importance of good content has been proven many times over.

Even those who aren’t in the business of creating content are learning its value and factoring it into their marketing strategy for relevancy, customer value, and other SEO purposes.
For those in business-to-business media, the evolution of content creation has posed it’s own challenges and opportunities (more on that in previous post). But namely, the delivery of their message, when and where their audience consumes it, has come with a learning curve.

This is where intimately knowing your audience becomes really vital.

I’m proud to say that the editors of Overdrive, which serves the owner-operator market, have once again been selected as finalists in the Jesse H. Neal editorial awards program. This year in two categories: Best Subject-Related Series of Articles and Best Website.
Overdrive’s three-part series, CSA Data Trail, is based on proprietary research with Overdrive’s sister RigDig Business Intelligence unit. The series analyzes data from the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability motor carrier safety rating system. In 2012, Overdrive editors received a Neal award for a two-part series on CSA, authored by Senior Editor Todd Dills, who also authored this year’s entry on CSA.
Overdrive’s website,, provides a broad daily mix of news, features, entertainment and reader interaction for truckers. A daily email newsletter packages all of the above and presents it to readers in an easily navigable and digestible format.
The most prestigious editorial honors in the field of specialized journalism, the Jesse H. Neal Awards, will be presented March 14, 2014, in New York City.
Cheers to their hard work and continued success in serving their audience and industry!