Is Your Sales and Marketing Prepared for the Rise of AI?

Businessman touching the brain working of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Automation

As AI and machine learning continues to develop, its influence and effects continue to spread to almost every major industry, including those in the heavy equipment sector, such as trucking, agriculture, and construction. In fact, AI expenditures in the transportation market specifically are said to reach $3.87 billion by 2026. That’s why it’s important to understand how these technologies might affect the industry you operate in and the best way to shape your marketing and sales strategies around them.

Where AI Is Headed for Our Industries

Though most are worried about how, when, or if AI might replace human operators, there are actually many other ways that it can impact heavy equipment industries, and for good reason. Construction has only seen a 1% average growth in labor productivity over the past twenty years, fleet drivers average 4.5 accidents yearly, and 17% of global food production is wasted. That means, each of these industries have something to gain from further automation and technological collaboration outside of simply replacing human operators. 

For agriculture, that means software to help monitor and manage optimal soil and crop environments. For trucking, that means technology to create safer journeys for its drivers. For construction, that means software to help design projects and create optimal workflows for its team. All of these tools already exist, but as they continue to evolve and improve, it’s likely that more and more businesses will adopt them into their workflow.

There are many who are afraid of AI, but when used as a tool, like most technological advancements, it can continue to improve and make industries even more profitable than before. That’s why these industries will probably continue to adopt this new technology more and more, and why your business needs to incorporate it in its marketing messaging.

Navigating Sales and Marketing with AI on The Rise

Here are a few ways that your business can better incorporate the rise in popularity of AI technology:

Predictive Maintenance

Whichever equipment industry your clients operate in, they might have software that helps them predict when a piece of equipment needs maintenance or servicing. This creates an excellent opportunity for your business to market the ability of predictive maintenance as a means to avoid unplanned downtime, lost productivity and costly repairs. Your offering gives customers the ability to ensure they stay compliant with safety inspections and correct any predictive maintenance requirements right away.

If you’re a dealer, you also have the ability to ensure your prospects have all the equipment they need while other pieces are being serviced. This can help your customers maintain their productivity, strengthen relationships, and increase your sales at the same time.

Integrative Technology

Currently, there are a lot of machine-learning tools and pieces of AI technology that have the ability to integrate with pieces of equipment. That means, more than likely,  your company sells or services some of them. That includes dash cams for truckers, remote operators for construction equipment, and specialized field or soil monitors for agriculture equipment. 

With AI’s popularity increasing, it’s good to ensure you market your equipment as compatible with its integration. That way your prospects and customers know your business can meet their present and future needs and integrate well with tools that can enhance their safety and improve their productivity.

How About You? Is AI Ready To Fully Automate Your Sales and Marketing?

In short, no. AI is not yet at the point where it can fully automate every part of your sales or marketing campaigns. Though workers across industries fear for the day when AI might replace them, currently, its uses are much more of a supplemental nature. Essentially, if your company were to adopt new technology into its workflow, it wouldn’t be able to do everything on its own, but it might still help improve your workflow and productivity.

For example, when it comes to sales and marketing, a great way to improve your efforts and efficiency is to use expert data products, like EDA and RigDig BI. Together, these products create a wide database of heavy equipment owners in trucking, agriculture, construction, and more. That includes finding new prospects in your AOR, learning when they’re in their buying cycle, and understanding which businesses are swayable to the brands you sell or service.

Much like how fleets, construction companies, and farms can blend well with new and advancing technologies, you can take advantage of similar benefits to strengthen and grow your business. Schedule a free demo of EDA or RigDig BI today to see how you can improve your sales and marketing strategies.

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