Is Your Dealership Growth Stagnating? Discover the Secret to Revitalizing It!

In the competitive world of trucking dealerships, stagnant growth can be more than a real headache, it could mean real trouble. You might be wondering why your dealership isn’t experiencing the success it’s capable of. The answer lies in uncovering hidden opportunities, and that’s where RigDigBI by Fusable and our company’s Digital Marketing services come into play.

RigDigBI isn’t just another data solution; it’s your key to unlocking new avenues for growth. Here’s how it can help:

The Power of Data Segmentation: RigDigBI empowers you to segment potential customers based on crucial parameters such as location, brand preference, fleet size, and the average age of vehicles. This level of precision ensures you’re focusing your efforts on those who truly fit the bill of an ideal buyer. 

Customers Segmented Into Groups
Customer Market Segmentation Concept On White Background

Eliminate the Guesswork: Gone are the days of your sales team approaching prospects blindly. RigDigBI’s Truck History Reports arm your team with vital violation data, including maintenance, tires, brakes, lights, and more. For example, you can identify which brands have more violations, indicating potential issues or dissatisfaction. This data enables you to challenge or cement your customers’ loyalty with vehicle data facts. This valuable insight enables your sales team to offer targeted solutions that cater to each customer’s specific needs. 

Truck driver is inspecting a truck tires
Truck driver is inspecting a truck tires

Brand Affinity Matters: Are you wasting time and resources chasing after prospects who are unlikely to buy from you? RigDigBI helps you identify customers loyal to brands you don’t sell, loyal to brands you do sell, and those with no brand loyalty. This data-driven approach allows you to tailor your strategies to reach those with the highest potential to buy from you.

Digital marketing concept image
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Get on the Route to Success by Adding in Digital Marketing to your Prospecting

RigDigBI set you up for success, let Digital Marketing from Fusable drive it home. By combining  RigDigBI’s precise prospecting with  Digital Marketing – you can experience the kind of growth your dealership is capable of. With our Digital Marketing services, we deliver unmatched targeting for your advertisements across platforms, including Audio, CTV, and OTT ads, as well as Facebook and Google. We create custom lists from RigDigBI data, specifically based on the equipment owners you need to engage. Our verified equipment data is unmatched by any other company or marketing agency.

You focus time and energy on your business. Trust RigDigBI and Fusable’s Digital Marketing experts to deliver results that help you achieve your advertising goals effortlessly and with confidence. Don’t let growth stagnation hold you back– It’s time to utilize the hidden growth opportunities availabl