Is Trucking Data Worth It? 39 Reasons Why That’s a Big 10-4

Q: Are data subscriptions really worth the investment?
A: Assuming the data is accurate, accessible, and user-friendly, then you bet your britches they are … especially if your livelihood hinges on buying and/or selling trucks.
Here, in no particular order, is a plethora of reasons why.
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Data can…


  1. Drive and multiply revenue.
  2. Refine your sales process and increase sales, exponentially.
  3. Make your marketing more targeted and effective.
  4. Unearth new leads and identify potential customers.
  5. Help you nurture current customers and build meaningful relationships.
  6. Propel you toward success.
  7. Facilitate your ascension to celebrated, revered office hero status.
  8. Cause you to be lavished with praise and doughnuts due to your data-driven foresight and lead generation mastery.
  9. Light the way for you to accurately track and prove ROI.
  10. Get you talking to the right people about the right things, at the right time.
  11. Complement your content marketing and customer service to increase customer loyalty.
  12. Cut down sales prep time.
  13. Tip you off to insider information that provides an edge over competitors.
  14. Give you icebreakers to start relevant conversations with people who are ready to buy.
  15. Prevent you from buying a lemon, and protect you from VIN fraud.
  16. Locate active fleets and owner-operators.
  17. Paint an accurate picture of your sales team’s territories and customers, whether you’re an OEM, aftermarket manufacturer, or dealership.
  18. Spur your ability to set tangible goals, and track your progress along the way.
  19. Offer insight as to the types of trucks a customer uses, how old their trucks are, whether they buy new or used, and the routes their trucks commonly run.
  20. Inspire more informed, relevant proposals that are more likely to resonate with clients.
  21. Reveal crucial insights into a customer’s unique needs.
  22. Expand the capabilities of your sales team and streamline their workload.
  23. Improve morale by cutting down on the volume of doomed cold calls.
  24. Raise your company’s profile and make your workplace more attractive.
  25. Create the parameters of your ideal fleet and then identify fleets matching the criteria you set.
  26. Increase your knowledge base by using CSA, UCC-1, and USDOT information to establish brand affinities and age of equipment.
  27. Uncover niche markets/clients that might become a new bread and butter source of business.
  28. Give you an idea about who your competition is selling to, and where opportunities to swoop in may exist.
  29. Set you up to be the master of your (AOR) domain.
  30. Enable you to drive other ‘wins’ besides sales, like open rates, clicks, and conversions.
  31. Monitor CSA violations and give you an idea of how many trucks carriers have sitting idle.
  32. Save your clients money by ensuring they’re not stuck with idle trucks unable to move freight.
  33. Save you money by honing and harmonizing your sales and marketing efforts.
  34. Unite your sales and marketing teams and create a more coordinated, collaborative environment.
  35. Arm you with info from from junkyards, salvage yards, auto recyclers, insurance carriers and state titling agencies from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.
  36. Help you ascertain what approaches are working , and what’s not.
  37. Prepare you to determine strategies moving forward.
  38. Make you smarter, more efficient, and just plain better at your job.
  39. Help you put more food on your own table.

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Ready to Reap the Rich Rewards of Data?

So yes, data can do plenty for you. But you need to get ahold of the right kind of data — ideally within a user-friendly framework.
If you’re keen to reap the rich rewards of trucking industry data, and rise to new levels of sales and marketing success, check out  
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