Is print still important to the trucking industry?

Often we talk about the importance of targeting your marketing, using cutting-edge platforms  and tools, getting social, and keeping up with new trends. So where does good ol’ fashioned print fit into this spectrum? Can you target niche-audiences with print? Can you track print? Does it actually affect your bottom line?

We think so. . .

First let’s consider your audience. 68.5% of fleet executives are over the age 50. Among these executives, print was rated the number one source of information on the trucking industry. I think it is safe to say print remains a major factor in reaching executives with buying power.

However, nearly 50% of fleet executives and managers reported being online constantly. 77.3% of them use the internet in the office, and the number one reported use of the internet was researching products and services.

Fleet executives are adapting to new technologies while still using traditional methods to gather information. If you want to reach them, your marketing should match. We are not to the point where “Millennials” are making the business decisions. An integrated approach is still needed to reach those with buying power. Seeing your ad in a respected publication lends credence to later communications such as emails and online banners. Print is not only effective but a necessary element of a complete marketing campaign aimed at the fleet audience.

Print Advertising

I’m sure some of you have reservations about print advertising. But here are five ways to maximize its effect.

1. Append Circulation Data with More Data

Using CSA, USDOT, and UCC-1 data you can identify fleets you want to target. Once you have chosen your fleets, they can be matched to circulation data. This way you know your ad is seen by the right people.

2. Use a Tracking Telephone Number

To better establish an ROI from your print ads, use a telephone number that allows you track calls resulting from your ad. Print is strong driver of calls for our clients.

3. Encourage Readers to Be Social

Social media has become the number one way for customers to interact with brands. Print can encourage this. Use hashtags for specific campaigns. Don’t just use social icons; include the handle for your social accounts. You can also highlight positive comments from your social followers.

4. Use a QR Code

A great way to drive traffic to your website or landing page is through QR codes. As with telephone numbers you can use a unique trackable link. QR codes can also link to click or text-to-call features, allowing for immediate actions from your prospects.

5. Use Excellent Creative

Put yourself in the consumer mindset when you create your ads. Think of ways to say what you need quickly and without copious amounts of text. Ads need to catch the eye  and not bog down the reader with multiple messages.