Turbocharge your inbound marketing to grow your business

If your goal is to nurture leads and convert buyers, you have to accept that your ads are among thousands your potential customers see on any given day. In fact, the average American consumer sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day.
To cut through the noise, your marketing strategy also needs to draw leads in and nurture them. Mixing in this inbound marketing strategy will make your company more attractive to prospects and lead to longer-lasting relationships with your customers.

What is inbound marketing?

While outbound marketing is all about reaching out to prospects, inbound marketing is designed to bring them to you by using strategies that nurture leads, build strong customer relationships and promote loyalty. While content marketing is an important facet of the strategy, inbound marketing is the leveraging of your content to create a powerful lead nurturing campaign.

A magnet pulling a target person towards inbound marketing and a megaphone blasting outbound marketing at the target personHow to use content in your inbound marketing strategy

1. Understand your audience

To write the best content for your audience, you have to know who your audience is. Study your audience’s demographics, pain points, business goals and favorite content to create a singular persona that represents them most effectively. Instead of writing content for hundreds, you are writing content for one buyer persona — or at least just a few — making it easier to tailor each piece of content for the most appeal. For example, a blog post about expanding a company’s audience can go in a hundred different directions, but your buyer personas can lead you to focus the topic — perhaps on improving website traffic or increasing YouTube channel subscribers. The specificity will help the blog post resonate more with your audience.

2. Spread your content

Because not everybody consumes information the same way, you will need different forms of content to market to different customers and generate the most leads possible. When you develop your buyer personas, make note of which form of content they typically engage with the most and work to include that in your marketing strategy. Make sure your information reaches every corner of your audience by creating multiple content forms — like a case study, an infographic and a video — using the same specific details or sets of data.

 3. Be consistent

To make your brand seem more consistent, build a content calendar in which you determine your content topics, goals and the format you produce it in, as well as your schedule for both publication and promotion. Doing so helps you become a constant to your audience, and it will build stronger relationships.


Inbound marketing helps you nurture leads for your company and then continue the course by engaging them as prospects and eventually converting them to loyal customers. Specifically, content marketing provides the most valuable information to your customers and develops lasting relationships with them.  
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