How Top Equipment Dealers Use Video to Promote their Business

Is it time for construction equipment dealers to jump on the video bandwagon? Evidence is mounting that video is a great way to sell construction equipment, parts and service. A recent AED|EDA Marketing Report showed 55% of dealers use video. Of those, 37% rate video “very effective” – second only to websites, open houses, and search engine optimization.  Another 57% of dealers found video “somewhat effective.”
Seeing is believing. Video allows customers to see machines in action and provides buyers with added confidence that the machine will work. This walk-around video of a used Kubota mini excavator, produced by Martin Implement, features an informative voice over and demonstration. It garnered more than 2,100 views on YouTube.
But dealers are using video for more than just equipment walk-arounds. A video taken on a customer jobsite adds another level of authenticity. This jobsite video from Stephenson Equipment documents a crane’s first lift for a customer.
Special effects can add interest and attract an audience. In this dealer video from Holt CAT, a CAT off-highway truck is rebuilt in just three minutes.
Equipment comparisons provide potential buyers with very useful information. Demonstrators can point out key differences between models while the camera validates their observations. This comparison video from Tracey Road Equipment, which examines three different truck models, racked up more than 14,000 views on YouTube.
Even parts can be promoted through video. This example from Martin Implement demonstrates the effectiveness of Wolf Paw skid steer snow tires.
Effective customer testimonials tell a story. Video adds authenticity and credibility, as this well executed testimonial from Holt Cat demonstrates.
Some dealers are helping customers troubleshoot problems through video. James River Equipment’s clever Ask Joe series positions the dealer as an authoritative source for maintenance issues. The dealership received more than 7,500 views of their maintenance-focused video  about lawnmowers that won’t start.
Video is another way to get informative sales representatives in front of customers. This RDO Equipment Company video explains what happens in an undercarriage inspection. It received more than 45,000 views on YouTube.
The most popular age demographic on YouTube is 18 to 29. That makes the channel a natural place to recruit technicians and build loyalty from the next generation of customers.  Empire Southwest developed this recruitment video to educate potential diesel technicians about a career at the dealership.
Sometimes dealers just want to have fun. After the Harlem Shake video racked up more than 26 million views on YouTube in 2013, this Ring Power parody received some attention of its own — with more than 7,000 views.
Use of video by equipment dealers is still in its early stages. That means dealers who hone their expertise can gain a competitive edge by posting their optimized videos on the world’s second largest search engine: YouTube.  The videos don’t need to cost thousands of dollars to produce. A decent video camera, some basic editing software, and a solid concept, can get you started. Let your equipment knowledge, customers and products be the star.
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