How to increase customer satisfaction by finding out their pain points

You may think you know what your customers think about your company, but you don’t really know until you directly ask. Finding your company’s net promoter score is a good start in determining your customer’s pain points and what you can do to address them.
Businesses need to be aware of the pain points that may be keeping customers away and can shed light on weaknesses by conducting a customer survey. The results can then be building blocks as you address your consumers’ pain points and increase customer satisfaction. By determining your net promoter score, or NPS, you can work to better serve your customers, increasing their satisfaction. This, in turn, bolsters brand loyalty.  

How do you find them? 

How will you know what your customers’ pain points are if you don’t ask? One popular method to find out is to calculate NPS with a survey asking whether customers are willing to recommend your brand. This particular method, developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix, uses a 10-point scale and places each respondent into one of three categories: 

  • Promoters enthusiastically buy and recommend
  • Passives are satisfied but vulnerable to competitors 
  • Detractors are unhappy and damage your brand by negative word-of-mouth

net promoter score calculations
Include open-ended questions such as “What are we doing well?” and “What can we do better?” Their answers will result in actionable data you can bring back to your teams. 
The survey can be customized to fit your business model. For example, if your company primarily sells parts or equipment, it may be more beneficial to send a survey per transaction, rather than each quarter. Alternatively, if your business offers an ongoing or frequently used service such as repair and maintenance, a survey sent out every few months will suffice.

How do you fix them?

To move more respondents into the “Promoters” category, examine the responses to the follow-up questions to find common complaints. Do consumers wish for better communication or timelier service? As not all consumers are alike, a few different changes may be in order so you can satisfy your entire client base.
Send out the survey at regular intervals to track your progress on resolving pain points and be aware of any new ones that may arise. The survey results may give you information to improve your standing with your customers. You may even find it’s time to hire additional employees or restructure and retrain your sales team in order to do so.
Customer satisfaction takes work internally, as well. Share with your employees the steps you are taking to receive feedback, so they understand scrutiny is coming. Implement leaders throughout your company who will work to prioritize resolving pain points the survey reveals and meet regularly to share new survey answers, discuss progress and ensure your employees have everything they need to meet customer demands. 


In the age of digital communication, word-of-mouth travels farther than what it used to. Personal recommendations and online reviews are both determined by customer satisfaction. Calculating your net promoter score based on customer surveys gives you a good idea of how well your company meets customer needs, and you can then use the survey results to address consumer pain points and increase customer satisfaction.
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