How to improve email click-through rate

For the best success, you need to keep your engagement high for all content. So what do you do if your email click-through rates are seriously low?

Follow these five tips to improve your email CTR.

1. Make sure your content is relevant

Developing relevant content is certainly easier said than done, but there are ways to create content that’s sure to be engaging.

  • Analyze your past emails and the campaigns and content that performed the best. Does your audience engage with broad or niche content? Are they more likely to click on a link to an article or a video? Are there particular topics that interest your audience most?
  • Write about current events that are happening in your industry, particularly ones that your customers need to know about in the context of your products.
  • Even assessing your competitor’s content may help you brainstorm ideas and come up with new perspectives or topics that aren’t covered very often.

2. Divide and conquer your audience segments

The most efficient process isn’t always the most effective. If you can’t find a clear winner out of your email’s content, consider dividing your audience into segments based on what they engaged with.

For example, if you’re sending the same content to a combined audience of dealers and lenders, segmenting these two groups can be more effective.  You’ll be able to better tailor your content and gain more accurate data on how to most effectively engage them.

Possible ways to segment audiences include:

  • Industry interests
  • Purchase history
  • Role at company

3. Keep your subscriber list clean

It can be hard to say goodbye. But, to improve your list hygiene and your email CTR, you may need to remove any subscribers who have not responded to a re-engagement campaign. 

Remove any subscribers that are listed as hard bounces, which means that the email address is most likely defunct. You should also remove any subscribers that have marked you as spam.

If a subscriber is typically unengaged, but you don’t want to delete them from your list just yet, consider moving them to a separate email list specifically for unengaged subscribers. Then, you can still send them emails, possibly less frequently, but they won’t skew your email click-through rate.

If you want to get them back, watch this video to find out how to reengage your email subscribers.

4. Make use of personalization tokens

Personalizing your emails can increase CTR by, on average, 14%, but we’re not talking about simple audience segmentation.

Check your subscriber list to make sure you have the right information, like name and job title, for each contact. Use surveys or past interactions to collect data on specific interests they hold, industries they serve, content they click on, and products they’ve looked at.

Then take that data and apply it to personalization tokens so each email looks specially crafted for each subscriber.

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5. Tweak your email a little to change the results a lot

We’ve covered four big ways to improve your click-through rate, but that doesn’t mean that other, little things don’t add up when improving your emails:

  • Send it on different days or at different times
  • Adjust your layout to an “F” or  “Z” shape


Your email CTR reflects the all-important engagement levels of your emails. To make sure it’s rising to the heights you want it, make sure the email is personalized and the content is relevant. If you don’t have time for big tasks like audience segmentation and data collection, consider little tweaks like adding CTAs or sending the email out at a different time.

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