How to Drive Higher Engagement with Dynamic Content

Customers don’t just want personalization; they expect it. Learn how to exceed their expectations and keep them engaged with dynamic content.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is content that is adaptive and changes based on predefined conditions informed by data, such as a user’s interests, past behavior, and demographic information. It can exist on a webpage or in an email and appears as soon as a user loads the content.

What are some things I can do with it?

Here are some examples of what you can do with dynamic content:

  • Change a special offer in an email based on location
  • Show customized product messaging that would appeal more to a specific segment
  • Recommend products or services based on past purchases
  • Personalize articles based on customer lifecycle

Why should I use it?

Dynamic content is much more engaging than static content because it changes with the user. Content or product recommendations using this strategy can increase more time on the page and click-through rates, because they are more relevant to the viewer.

Customers are also more likely to become repeat buyers when you provide a personalized experience, something that dynamic content takes to the next level.

You’ll also see benefits with email engagement, clicks, and even revenue when dynamic content is used to provide greater personalization. In fact, emails using dynamic content generated 17% more revenue than emails using personalization based on past purchases alone.

How does dynamic content work?

You can use a marketing software service to set up your dynamic content, or a developer can take on the project themselves.

Because this strategy is built on customer data, you need to make sure that you have plenty of it, whether it’s from proprietary data services, customer surveys, notes on a client’s CRM page about past purchases and previous interactions, or first-party, cookieless tracking on your website.

All of this data informs your audience segments and buyer personas, which then informs who sees which content.


Dynamic content is a key tactic that will increase your influence and drive more and faster engagement with your brand. Remember, almost half of all buyers say they are more likely to become repeat buyers if a company offers personalized experiences. Use this strategy to provide special offers based on location, show customized recommendations based on browsing history, and whatever else you can do to keep your customers satisfied.

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