3 strategies to draw in repeat website visitors

Your website is your most valuable platform. It generates leads, inspires conversions and increases sales. To maintain steady business growth, you need a steady stream of returning website visitors. 
Every visitor is a potential customer, which is why it’s essential to keep them coming back. If you turn your returning visitors into loyal customers, you can save big as it costs five times more to market to a new customer than to an existing one. This is especially important for eCommerce sites, because, when compared to first-time visitors, returning visitors:

  • add 65% more items to their cart.
  • increase conversion rates by 73%.
  • send 16% more per transaction.

To get the full benefit of returning visitors, you must start reeling them in from the beginning.

How to increase website visitor retention

1. Make their first visit memorable

When users visit your website, they are looking for quick and accessible information to inform their purchases. Include plenty of information in your product descriptions and add a resources menu item at the top of the page where users can easily find case studies, FAQs, articles and customer testimonials.
While they’re on the site, keep them engaged for as long as possible with videos and interactive tools, such as an ROI calculator or a maintenance interval estimator for the equipment you sell. Consider creating a mobile app to make your brand as accessible as possible.

2. Reconnect with them 

Send out automated emails based on their interactions with your site, like reminding them of the products they were researching. You can also serve personalized ads for similar products while they are browsing. 
Market your offerings and your brand on social media, and make sure your audience knows when you have published new content or added a new product.

3. Build brand loyalty

Visitors who return to your website are also customers who return to your brand. 
Research your returning customers to know who your most ideal prospects are, and then build your marketing campaigns around their pain points and business goals. Continue communicating with customers by checking in on their purchases, asking for feedback and offering incentives for their brand loyalty.
Build trust by delivering on your promises, and be quick to correct any issues they may have with a purchase. Build a community, on social media or your website, where customers can engage with your brand and each other.


Your website visitor retention rate plays a large role in the overall success of your company. Returning visitors lead to more conversions and more revenue than first-time visitors. To gain those return visitors, you need to ensure your website is easy to navigate and that your customers remain engaged with and loyal to your brand.
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