How Can RigDig BI Empower Your Sales?

How much do you really know about the fleets in and outside of your area? What parts of your brand make the most sales? How much knowledge do you have about the type of fleets you attract?
These are only a few of the questions you need to answer in order to effectively grow your business. There is an endless world of information about the trucking industry. And RigDig BI can help you access it.
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What is RigDig BI?

Simply put, RigDig Business Intelligence is a substantial database that holds specific details about fleets and owner-operators. This includes your present customers and future prospects.
In RigDig BI, you’ll have 950,000 active trucking entities, each sorted and organized into 262 easily accessible categories, saving you hours of searching. More importantly, you get a wide range of high-quality prospects you may not have found otherwise.
With all the information RigDig BI provides, it’s important to know the best ways to utilize it. Here are the ways you can use RigDig BI to boost your sales.
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For dealers and aftermarkets, sales is one of the most important areas of your business. In this case, you live or die according to how effective your sales professionals are.
A lot of sales professionals spend a good amount of their time prospecting. Marketing can only generate so many leads, so many reps turn to prospecting to make up the difference. It’s a great quality for the highest performers.

This is where RigDig BI comes in.

Right now, you may be using online searches, phonebooks or a sales rep to help you identify potential new customers. But the information gathered using these methods is very limited. This leaves your sales reps with missed opportunities and wasted time.
Instead of relying on the older, traditional methods of prospecting, RigDig BI can help you find the highest quality prospects more efficiently.

This data includes information on the fleets and owner-operators in your AOR.

Here are some of the ways RigDig BI can help you identify where your best opportunities for prospecting are:

  • Fleet Preferences:

    You can search specifically for fleets that prefer the brands you sell and service. This gives you a better idea of prospects who may be immediately interested in purchasing your equipment, and parts and service.

  • Equipment:

    You can find the specific make and model of vehicles fleets maintain in your AOR. This can help you identify new opportunities for parts and service growth.

  • Area:

    Find out the fleets in your area that you are missing out on. You can also find fleets with routes passing through your area that you can offer parts and service to.

  • Average age of vehicle:

    Use the age of vehicles to predict which fleets will need new vehicles, and parts and service. This can help you proactively prospect and watch for potential sales.

Improving the effectiveness of your sales teams is one of the most important aspects of growing your business.

With only limited time and capacity, there is only so much that your sales reps can do in a day. But the answer isn’t always to hire new sales reps to pick up the slack. Instead, you have to focus on becoming more efficient. This is where RigDig BI can help.
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