Giving Thanks

This seems like an opportune time for some heartfelt thank yous.
As we prepare to gather with loved ones, eat voluminously, and try real hard to avoid talking politics, let’s dedicate some time and space to the great gift of gratitude. Which, let’s be honest, is a dish best served warm, as often as possible, and in hearty helpings.
First and foremost, from everybody at Fusable, thank you to our clients. You are the ones who enable us to come into work, and inspire us to improve, learn new things, earn certifications, and do better every day.
Thank you for entrusting us with your professional needs and concerns. That’s not something we take lightly.
Whether your livelihood revolves around recruiting, construction, trucking, parts or equipment, these are not easy lines of work. But your work is important. You keep America moving forward. You build our infrastructure and uphold the economy. It’s our pleasure and privilege to help you strategize, succeed, and grow your business.
On a personal note, I’d like to say thank you to the leadership and my colleagues here at Fusable. It’s a pleasure to work at a place that values and respects its employees — and in the case of the Marketing Department — where cheezy poofs and exotic chocolates from afar just seem to appear out of thin air.
I can hear the Oscars music starting to usher me off the stage, so let’s wrap this thing up.
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Go Forth, with Gratitude

Wherever you’re off to this Thanksgiving, may it be filled with warmth, gratitude, and goodness. And gravy. (Gotta have that good gravy.)  
However you interact with us — be it through one of our brands, or via data, recruiting, or marketing — one more time, thank you.
May you have a tremendous, prosperous, healthy and fruitful holiday season and beyond!
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