Get to prospects before your competition does during the coronavirus pandemic

Wouldn’t it be a game changer if you could predict when and what equipment your prospects were planning to buy? As the coronavirus (COVID-19) leads some prospects to reevaluate or cut back on their expenses, identifying the best prospects for your company is an important factor in future growth.
To experience significant success selling equipment, a company must establish trust and credibility and understand the buyer’s needs. But with buyers going through 70% of the buyer’s journey before speaking with a sales person, it becomes difficult to establish that level of trust. With limited resources, how do you proactively engage buyers looking for new or used equipment? How can you focus your resources on prospects that are most likely to buy way before they step foot into a dealership or call?
Fusable’s Priority Prospects uses predictive modeling to identify prospects that are the most likely to turn into sales. It identifies in-market prospects, uses data to score your best prospects and improves inventory turnover by helping you connect with likely buyers.

With Priority Prospects you can:

  • Identify prospects visiting your website
  • Prioritize leads by those most likely to buy
  • Accelerate inventory turnover with quality leads

Implications of balance chart

How it works

You will receive daily emails with prospect scoring and a full report detailing each company and their interactions with your website. Prospect scoring matches use a proprietary, predictive model based on prior purchases and other factors. This score indicates a prospect’s likelihood to buy within a year. The Prospect Profile links to EDA or RigDig in the daily emails. You will also receive a Prospect Deal Activity Report, closing the marketing loop by showing which leads purchased equipment type, brand, model, value and more.


Does it work?

  • Top 10% of predicted buyers yielded 72% of purchase volume
  • Successfully predicted $700 million in equipment purchases


With Priority Prospects, your sales team knows which prospects to prioritize, what equipment prospects are considering and what inventory prospects currently have. This allows you to reach prospects well ahead of their decision-making process and leverage data for a more precise sales strategy. This is especially essential during the coronavirus pandemic, when your resources are most wisely spent on the best prospects possible.
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