From Banking to Trucking

As kids we marveled as our parents zoomed passed those behemoth machines on wheels. We gave them the signal and squealed in delight as their horns resonated across the highway. They were the mavericks of the road, cowboys riding massive metal steeds.

Well now you are all grown up, and they are just plain ol’ truckers. However, these “warriors of the road” may still be an inspiration to an adult crowd concerned about 401k’s and job security.
A recent Bloomberg article profiled a man who quit his job in the banking industry to join the ranks of the driving elite (no, not Nascar).  If you are a truck driver, you probably understand this move. For the rest of us, there might be some questions. Let’s take a look at the facts.

  1. He makes more money (that in itself is enough for some people).
  2. He has better job security.
  3. There is a better chance at getting a raise.
  4. The trucking industry isn’t going anywhere. (see Truckpocalypse.)

Read the original Bloomberg article here.