Finding Technicians Online

Technicians are an integral part of your business you can’t do without. But what you’re doing isn’t getting you the technicians you need. So where’s the disconnect? Perhaps you’re not meeting technicians where they are.
Times have changed. We live in an internet-savvy technology-driven world right now. With internet users in the U.S. alone being close to 290 million, it’s obvious online interaction is at an all-time high. The same goes for the people you want to reach. Our research shows that over 50% of technicians search for jobs online. That’s a solid 50% of technicians you’re missing out on. This makes advertising online a necessity.
It’s unrealistic to think you’ll reach all these technicians with one perfect ad in one specific place online only. The online journey for an individual technician searching for a job is an intricate process that provides you with many opportunities to reach them. To identify these opportunities, let’s take a look at the common routes a technician would take when searching for a job online.
A Technician’s Online Job Search
The process of searching for a job online could take a number of routes. A technician could hear about an open position at a company from a friend and get online to look up that company’s website. Or the technician could search for tech jobs on Google, check job posting sites, or even go to Facebook to see what’s available.
A Technician's Online Job Search
Let’s get a little more specific and take a look at an individual technician’s journey. Let’s say a technician hears about you from an acquaintance. Wondering if you’ll be a good fit, the tech Googles your company name to learn more about you. The tech ends up on your website. The tech skims through but doesn’t see any open job positions on your site. So the tech does a Google search for technician jobs. The tech chooses one of the first job posting sites he sees, After a while of looking through the jobs available on the site, the tech steers away from the site in search of some distraction. The tech goes to Facebook to check his News Feed.
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So let’s break down this scenario and see how you connect with technicians at each point:
[one_third] Google Search[/one_third][two_third_last]

The Tech Googles You: While a tech is searching on Google, you can use keywords to get your ad to appear in the top search results on Google search engine.

[one_third]Your Website[/one_third] [two_third_last]

The Tech Goes to Your Website: Not all techs who visit your site take action. To ensure a connection with these techs, you can tag their browsers. This allows them to see your ads on other sites after they leave your website.

[one_third]Job Posting Site[/one_third][two_third_last]

The Tech Goes to a Tech-specific Job Posting Site: With the site being tech specific, you know you’re reaching techs on such sites. Your job listings, as well as your ads, can appear on these job sites.

[one_third]Facebook Icon[/one_third][two_third_last]

The Tech Goes to Facebook: A technician simply skimming through Facebook can see your ads in their News Feeds. You can match Facebook profiles to your existing technician contacts to advertise to a specific set of technicians.

Reaching Technicians Beyond The Job Search Phase
The opportunities to reach technicians online are not limited to technicians searching for jobs. You can reach technicians while they’re simply surfing the web. With all the daily online activities common to internet users, you can reach technicians at any of those points.
Reaching Technicians Online Through Ads
What Happens When a Tech Clicks on Your Ad?
When a technician clicks on your ad, you’re steering them toward one outcome. . .becoming a lead. You can have your ad lead to a landing page where they have the option to call you or fill out a form. You also have the option of using a call button in your ad which will connect a technician directly to someone from your company.
Result of Technician Clicking on Your Ad
[box style=”1″]The growth in internet usage and advancements in technology are presenting more and more opportunities for you to reach the technicians you need online. Getting involved with online advertising can help you connect with the technicians you’re looking for.[/box]
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