Everybody Needs Data

You might’ve heard the song “Everybody Needs Love,” or one of the many musical variations of that obvious assertion. We’re here today with a new tune (more of a blog article, really) that sings the praises of another vital, only slightly less romantic need. It’s called “Everybody Needs Data.”
If the Billboard charts have any interest in data-driven sales, targeted marketing, and industry-spanning market insight into equipment, then get ready for the summer’s hottest number 1 single.
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Who Needs Data?

If you’re an equipment manufacturer, dealer, or lender, or perhaps involved in an equipment aftermarket trade, data can do amazing things for your business. Wouldn’t you like to hold in your hot little hands a geographically sorted list of active equipment buyers? How about info on how old their equipment is, and what brands they seem to prefer?
Data gives you the power to uncover new leads like never before, and get the inside track on regional hotspots, growth trends, and emerging markets. It’s a great way to discover new businesses (and potential customers) you might’ve otherwise missed.
EDA makes it easy to find qualified sales and service opportunities. Our mapping and search tools, reports, and watch functions can help you shape your strategic planning, and get a sense of how your competitors are doing. We offer more than 20 million qualified equipment records, and unmatched access to industry purchasing data.
That’s how you become master and commander of the high seas (or at least your AOR).
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EDA ProspectMobile 2.0 App

We’re particularly excited about our new EDA ProspectMobile 2.0 App, which we developed to give people easy access to EDA data on the go. The app provides location-based market insight with the ability to search by address, analyze opportunities with a list or map view, and add notes for top prospects.  
Many of our clients put their sales team on the mobile app so they can see prospects who are in the area where they are traveling throughout the week. It’s a great way to strategically fill their day when they finish a meeting early, or if an appointment gets canceled.
We’ve heard many quotes of this nature from our clients:

  • “I drive the same route all the time and never knew this company existed. I went in and ended up getting the deal!”
  • “I stopped by a company I found on the app that I didn’t know, and it was the biggest deal we had all summer!”

Since the launch of the app, more than 6,000 sales and marketing professionals have downloaded EDA ProspectMobile. Your competitors are finding new leads every day using EDA. Are you ready to start beating them to the punch, and targeting your prospects when they’re ready to buy?
In the meantime, keep an eye out for that “Everybody Needs Data” track climbing up the charts. Hopefully Kanye will put it on his next album.  
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