Equipment World Wins Folio Award

We wanted to give a well-deserved round of applause to our colleagues at Equipment World, who in addition to launching Big Iron Dealer last week, also just won a prestigious Folio: award for their forward-thinking, groundbreaking (ground paving?) “Highways 2.0” series. They landed the honor of best B2B Series of Articles in Construction/Manufacturing.
We’re proud of Equipment World’s consistently excellent coverage and reporting, and grateful for their keen insight into issues that affect us all. This is their 11th award since 2005.
The award-winning “Highways 2.0” series, confronts the confounding conundrum of America’s crumbling infrastructure, and delves into how we are grappling with (and arguing over) fixes, funding, innovation, implementation, international connectivity, and the future of transportation itself.
According to Equipment World’s editorial director, Marcia Gruver Doyle, “We’re pleased that Folio: recognized the excellence of ‘Highways 2.0.’ This was truly an effort that involved our entire editorial team and art director, and was led by Tom Jackson, our executive editor.”
Autonomous vehicles, urban planning, public transportation, funding strategies, infrastructure investment, superhighway construction, road improvements, looking beyond fossil fuels… These are fraught, profound, hugely important issues that will shape the way we live our lives, how we travel, and how the world conducts business in the coming decades. The whole series is well worth a read.
As is pretty much everything on!
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