Equipment World Expands with Better Roads Integration

If you have been wondering what happened to Better Roads, we’ve got some great news! Fusable has announced it will be expanding its flagship construction equipment brand, Equipment World, by integrating it with Better Roads.

The move will increase Equipment World’s already significant circulation from 77,675 to 100,000.

Heavy contractor subscription also increases from 72,129 to 80,841, giving it the largest audience in this segment among competitors.
Better Roads previously reached 40,000 members of the road building industry, including contractors prequalified and licensed to bid on government road and bridge construction projects. The Better Roads audience also included state and federal transportation departments, municipalities, cities, townships, special districts and agencies. The final separate edition of Better Roads was shipped in December.
[testimonial author=”Brent Reilly, President of Fusable”]Our commitment to industry-leading media is at the forefront of our company. This expansion of Equipment World is an exciting new phase that will provide an increase in the specialized content to our readers.[/testimonial]
Fusable’s plan includes the integration of road building content in Equipment World and a new road building section on The Better Roads newsletter will continue to be sent separately, but with new branding to reflect the changes to the two magazines.
This is good news for readers and advertisers of Better Roads and Equipment World. Readers now have access to a broader spectrum of equipment and project information. In addition, advertisers now have new and expanded opportunities to target their advertising.

With a a 79% EDA subscriber to business match, advertisers have opportunities to reach an expanded audience, without a loss in targeting.

[testimonial author=”Joe Donald, Vice President of Sales, Fusable Construction”]The opportunity for marketers to reach both the heavy construction market and the road building market in one publication is huge. With Equipment World, marketers can now reach larger audiences with similar business needs.[/testimonial]